Announcing the CLOUT Awards

Nashville is a city of dreamers.  It’s one of the things I love about living here.  Everyone has a dream they are chasing.

For the nine years that I worked in the music business I had a front row seat to the dreamers.  Some good.  Some not so good.  But every once in awhile we would stumble upon someone who just had “it” – that undeniable, but immeasurable factor that makes you say “they were made to do this!”

They had clout – God-given influence that couldn’t be denied.

There is something deep inside of all of us that longs to count.  We want to matter to the world.  We long to make a difference.  We’re dreamers too.

And guess what? 

You have that “it” factor too.  You have clout.  I truly believe that God has given you clout to directly impact your sphere of influence.  You are equipped with a unique combination of gifts, talents, experiences, and opportunities that no one else has.

Clout is power and influence.  It is an undeniable trait that opens doors and moves mountains.  You have it, and you can use it to change the world around you.

But most of us don’t recognize our own clout.  We get caught up comparing our lives with others and in doing so we miss the potential of our own impact.  Some of us believe that clout can only surface in the big arenas of life, but that’s not true.  Clout shows up in the every day places.  It shows up in how you parent, how you lead your team, how you interact with your friends.  Clout is your influence in action!

And since we don’t do a good job of calling out the clout in our own lives, let’s start by identifying it in others.

We want to hear the stories of people who are living out their clout in their daily context.

To do that, we’ve launching the CLOUT Awards – an opportunity for you to nominate friends who are stewarding their influence wisely.

What are the Clout awards?
The Clout Awards are designed to recognize individuals who are unleashing their God-given influence. We want to know who has influence in your life.

How do the Clout awards work?
We all have people in our lives who we feel don’t get the recognition they deserve. The Clout awards are an opportunity for you to recognize those people. You will share a bit of their story with us. I will share some of these stories on the blog between now & February 28th. Our team will vote on a winner of the Clout Award and announce it March 3rd. The winner will receive a day of coaching or consulting with me. A runner up will receive a bundle of my favorite books on leadership.

Who should I nominate?
Anyone you know who is walking confidently in their God-given influence. It could be anyone from a lead pastor to a full-time mom to a CEO to an entrepreneur. Clout is not limited to title or position.

How can I nominate someone?
Send us an email about the person you want to nominate.  Feel free to get creative – pictures and videos are great too!  Be sure to tell us how that individual is walking in their God–given influence. Emails can be sent to  Once you’ve submitted your entry, feel free to share the story on social media and extend some clout to the person you’re honoring.  Use hashtag #cloutawards

Ready. Set. Go!

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