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Coaching & Consulting

There is tremendous power in a team or organization that is aligned and working together. While many consultants will focus on helping you build your mission, vision and strategy, I founded The 4Sight Group to work with teams and address the problem behind the problem. Oftentimes culture issues and organizational behavior are inhibiting your ability to move forward to accomplish your mission. Let’s get to the root of the issues and unlock your team’s potential!


About Jenni

Jenni Catron, is a leader who loves “putting feet to vision”. She has served on the executive leadership teams of Menlo Church in Menlo Park, CA and Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN. Prior to ministry leadership, she worked as Artist Development Director in the Christian music industry. In 2016, she founded The 4Sight Group, a company dedicated to developing healthy leaders and thriving organizations.


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Linda Rankin

Executive Leadership / Eastlake Church

Jenni’s coaching network is stretching in multiple areas. I was so grateful for the focused time on my leadership and personal gifts. Being connected in a group of women that are all leading and facing similar obstacles is both refreshing and empowering.

John Ortberg

Senior Pastor / Menlo Church

One of the great joys in ministry has been the chance to get to know and work with Jenni Catron. She has a tremendous desire to help churches create cultures in which leaders can develop and flourish. For any church serious about achieving its mission, a partnership with Jenni would be a great asset.

Rhonda Hinrichs

Guest Experience Coordinator / North Point Ministries

What an honor to have been part of Jenni Catron’s leadership coaching group. Her genuine love for women in leadership exudes through everything she does. Jenni uses humor, personal experience, outside experts, and biblical authority to lead women towards discovering all God has for them. The way she guides women through a process to self-discover how to lead from a healthy core is unprecedented. Being a part of her coaching group is an unforgettable experience for anyone looking for their next challenge or to grow their leadership and influence with others.