Training tips

I’m doing something that I never thought I would do… I’m training for a 1/2 marathon!  I’ve never considered myself a runner, but a few years ago I started working some running into my workout routine.  Well, my good friend Rachel recruited me to train with her for the County Music Marathon here in Nashville in April, so every Friday we lace of our sneaks and head out for our long run.  This week we’ll be tackling 6 miles.   Thanks Rach for the motivation!

Anyone have some good training tips?

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  • Pete Wilson January 22, 2008  

    Since you can outrun me any day of the week I will refrain from giving you any tips. I will be at the marathon as well. However, I will be in a lawn chair at the finish line to congradulate you when you cross!

  • Melissa Irwin January 23, 2008  

    I have a feeling you’ll get to the 13th mile and you’ll have enough energy (and that feisty competitive spirit) to keep on going!

  • Carmen January 23, 2008  

    I’m an expert. On coaching. The most I’ve ever run is 10 and that took me longer than 13 will take you, but Ricky has run 3 marathons and here’s what I’ve observed. Make sure you get your long runs in. Have good shoes – don’t scrimp and maybe even buy 2 pairs and alternate them – that way you don’t have too many miles on them when you run. Don’t wear short socks on race day. Don’t start the race too fast – you might burn out quicker. And finally and most importantly, HYDRATE yourself. Ask Ricky what happens when you try to save a few minutes that you might have to go to the restroom by not drinking enough before the race.

    Again, I’m only a coach. I have no marathon or 1/2 marathon experience, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking I’m an expert!

    You’ll do great!