Organizational Development

Be A Bridge

I was so frustrated! What should have been an exciting opportunity became one of my most frustrating professional moments. I was fuming at the end of the meeting. Each person on the marketing team had been tasked with brainstorming an idea for an upcoming project and presenting it to the entire team. The executives would […]

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Your Best Assets

When was the last time you had an employee problem? Probably like five minutes ago, right? People management is one of the greatest challenges of leadership and is often the thing we are the least equipped for. No amount of textbook training can prepare you for the real world dynamic of managing people. Let me […]

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What Do You Expect?

I travel a lot for work. Speaking events, conferences, consulting with churches and non-profits… it all keeps me on the road pretty frequently. Coming and going is just a part of our routine at the Catron house. For the most part, we roll with it but there is one little thing that trips us up […]

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