Pat spoke today at Cross Point about Influence.  It was a great message that caused me to reflect on the last few days.  I flew to Wisconsin on Wednesday to celebrate my grandparents 50th Wedding anniversary and it involved a lot of reminiscing with people I haven’t seen in many, many years.  Here are some observations about influence that I observed this weekend:

  • People of all ages came out to celebrate my Nanny & Papa.  It was amazing to see so many faces I knew and still many others who thought it important enough to take their Friday evening, many of them driving long distances, to celebrate this couple.  I hope my husband and I have touched that many lives when we have been married 50 years..
  • I got to see Randi and Sara, two sisters that my mom and my sister babysat many years ago.  My sister continues to invest in these two girls now that they are teenagers.  It was cool to see how much they love and respect Jes.
  • We went to lunch at a small restaurant in Antigo, WI on the day of the party and as we were paying, the server started talking to me like she knew me.  I was certain that she had mistaken me for someone else until she proceeded to tell me the people I hung around with and all the details of my 10th grade year.  I still vaguely remember this girl, but the thing that keeps haunting me is how much of an influence I apparently had on her and I didn’t even realize it.
  • Lastly, I’m hopeful for the possible influence that I’ll have with a my mom’s step-daughter who I met for the first time this weekend.  Ashley is a really sweet girl with a heart for God and a desire to get involved in ministry after she graduates.  I’m anxious to stay in touch with her and do whatever I can to see her grow into the woman that God has made her to be! 

Who’s had a positive influence in your life?  Have you told them?

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  • Linda Ojutkangas February 21, 2008  

    Over the years I have watched you grow into a beautiful woman and excellent leader. You have influenced more people than you might imagine. After being with you again this past week, I came away thinking that I could learn from you…your patient and forgiving nature are traits that I admire and value…and definitely do not take for granted. So, when you have some difficult days, as everyone does, remember that you are valued and appreciated.