Natalie Grant weekend

Friday night I was invited to an event that I didn’t really know much about with a friend, but it was a chance to spend some time together so I agreed to go.  We attended a benefit concert featuring Natalie Grant, a Christian artist that I was familiar with but ironically in my nine years in the music business I had never met or even attended a show of hers.

The benefit concert was held to bring attention to the issue of human trafficking, a topic that is disturbing to say the least.  I came away more educated and more interested in this tragic issue, however what most moved me was Natalie’s performance.  It wasn’t just her amazing vocals (the girl can wail!) or great songs, it was her ability to communicate.  She was involved in the event because she herself has been so moved by the issue of human trafficking that she began a non-profit organization called The Home Foundation that is dedicated to the eradication of human trafficking.  Her ability to communicate her passion for this issue was refreshing.  She had an amazing ability to weave the stories into her songs and to share her experiences in a way that helped you connect with the problem. 

I’m reading the book The Greatest Communicator by Dick Wirthlin subtitled What Ronald Reagan Taught Me about Politics, Leadership, and Life.  (I’ve got a lot more to share about this book… later.)  In the book the author is talking about Reagan’s ability to communicate a vision.  He says, “Quite literally, vision means ‘the ability to see.’  But what a person sees and how he or she talks about it are what differentiates those who lead from those who are led.”  That’s what Natalie did… she helped me to see her vision and was very effective in doing so.  As a female leader I was proud to watch this woman communicate with an amazing balance of passion, facts, purpose and conviction.

I came away inspired by watching a great leader shine!

Ironically this morning at Cross Point we used the Natalie Grant song “Make Me Over” at the end of our service.  It’s a song that talks about allowing God to work on us to make us more of a reflection of Him – a really powerful song that was a great ending to our service today.  Lyrically it was captivating because I could relate to every phrase, but musically it was extremely moving as well.  Marcia Ramirez sang it for us while playing piano and accompanied by a three piece string section.  The result was absolutely stunning and moved you to a place of surrender before God.  

This weekend I learned a lot more about a great Christian artist who is using her gifts and passions to honor God.  I was inspired!

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