The Golden Girls

“Friendships grow over time just like seeds. I have to nurture my friendships and wait to reap the harvest. We live in a day and age when we want things fast. Even with our relationships-many of us want to connect right away. We want deep friendships now. We don’t want to share our lives with women we don’t know well, but we also don’t want to take the time to let women get to know us (and get to know them!).The fact is friendship takes time. It has to marinate for a while. You’ve got to plant a seed and then let it grow. And to be honest, not every seed is going to flourish. But when you’re patient and plant and care for many seeds, you will reap the harvest of some great girlfriends.”

I read this quote today in an email blast from Group Publishing promoting a women’s ministry program and it got me thinking about the friendships in my life.  To be honest I have never been very good at developing lasting friendships.  In my childhood years and through high school I attributed this to the various transitions my family went through causing my circles of friends to change beyond my control.  The problem is that I carried that “love em and leave em” mentality into my adult years.  I made some great friendships in college but still had trouble maintaining contact when circumstances changed our proximity to one another.

However, I am thankful that there is a group of girls that I became friends with over 10 years ago at one of my jobs with whom I think I have finally developed a true lasting friendships.  The three of these women really deserve the credit for the fact that we have maintained a friendship even after weddings, moves across town, kids (for some of them), new jobs, etc.  These girls don’t let me drift away.  They have taught me what true friendship is.  I affectionately refer to the four of us as The Golden Girls and we truly do life together like those four women from the sitcom.  We laugh, cry, argue and complain about each other with no love lost.  They hold me accountable when I work myself ragged and they are also the first to celebrate my successes with me. 


The original Golden Girls


My “Golden Girls” – Rachel, me, Sus & Shelby

I should mention… there are some personality similarities between the four of us and the original Golden Girls.  Can you guess which one I am most like?

Proverbs 17:17
A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

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  • Brian March 21, 2008  

    The DR team says Bea Arthur. Neither Merlyn nor your dad were consulted.

  • Rachel March 23, 2008  

    This blog made me laugh. I don’t think we’ve ever SAID who we are most like but I sat here looking at the Golden Girls and here’s my stab at it:

    DOROTHY – You!; she’s the most practical and unflappable
    SOPHIA – Sus; she’s the oldest!
    ROSE – SMS; she just has those ‘Rose’ moments
    BLANCHE – Me; she’s Southern, a flirt and says whatever crosses her mind, without much editing (and you know I do that all the time & get myself in trouble)

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