Equipping: The Leader's Job

I read this little exercept from John C. Maxwell about the leader’s job of equipping others this morning.  This was really timely for me this week, so I thought I would share…

Equipping is a tough job, much harder than shepherding.  The leader is to equip others for ministry.  Paul explains the goal for the shepherd (Eph. 4:12) and the goal of the sheep (4:13), then describes the result (4:14-16).

If leaders wish to equip their people, they must give them certain gifts:

1) I must CARE for them (Communication, Affirmation, Recognition, and Example)

2) I must work on their weaknesses, but work out their strengths.

3) I must give them myself (time, energy, and focus).

4) I must give them ownership of the ministry.

5) I must become a resource person (atmosphere, training, support, tools).

6) I must make expectations clear.

7) I must eliminate unnecessary burdens.

8 ) I must catch them doing something good, then reward them.

As I read this list there are definitely some that I do ok, but there are others that I just don’t do well.  How about you?  Which one or two of these tips do you need to consider with your team?

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One comment

  • Benny Greenberg March 28, 2008  

    I really like that list. I get into the issues that define leadership. Personally I think that all of those must be considered – one at a time – as you can start with the first and build upon each to the climax of a great successful accomplishment.

    I also recently did a blog on the ten positive attributes of a great leader and the ten negative traits of a failed leader. It might be useful for you and your readers as we all search for answers…