Day 2 of Q

Day 2 of the Q Conference was another saturated one.  Here’s the overview:

  • Louie Giglio started off the day making the point that we as followers of Christ transcend culture and we need to become transcendent leaders – breathing hope as we move forward.
  • Then we heard from Jamie Tworkowski the founder of To Write Love on Her Arms
  • We also heard from Jim Wallis, MIchael Luo, a journalist for the New York Times, Dave Gibbons, Eric Reynolds and Owen Leimbach, a producer at MTV.
  • Then we went on an art tour in Chelsea.  This was really cool, not to mention that at one point I discovered I was observing a piece of art and Ben Stiller was standing next to me!  I’ll be blogging more specifically about the art tour on Marla’s blog tomorrow.
  • After dinner we heard from Makoto Fujimura, an artist whose work we viewed on the art tour.
  • Then we closed the night with a private concert by The Fray.  I have never seen these guys in concert and they were great, even with just piano and guitar.  I appreciated their authenticity with their struggles with integrating their faith and their music.  I had always heard these guys were Christians but sometimes I wondered if that was just the Christian community trying to claim some connection to a popular group (sorry I’m a bit cynical sometimes), but honestly I sensed that these guys are on a journey with their Savior and it made me proud to see God using them in a big way.  They played a couple of new songs for us that are going to be great! 
  • I also met a few more bloggers today: Check out Tim Lucas and Terry Timm.

We finish it up tomorrow and head home!

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One comment

  • Big John Scott April 13, 2008  

    My wife and I had very similar thoughts on the Fray Jenni. Thanks for your honesty about cynicality when it comes to Christians and music…having been to Nashville multiple times, I can only imagine what you’ve seen and heard. Look forward to hearing more from your ministries.
    -Big John