A Leadership Observation

a random leadership nugget from my journal…

When the organization is facing a crisis, it’s tempting as the leader to begin to wallow in your leadership weaknesses and blame yourself for the problems.  While you may need to accept some of the blame, you create a greater leadership crisis when you put too much focus on yourself and don’t focus on moving forward.

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  • Pete Wilson April 15, 2008  

    True and convicting. I wish you would stop using your blog to point out all my leadership mistakes 🙂

  • mandy April 16, 2008  

    oh. good quote!!!

    i think about moses/aaron and that whole episode with the golden calf thingy. yeah, aaron was stupid. but moses was the Leader who had to come down off the mountain and find all that crap happening.

    moses had his moments of “why me, God???” … but he also pulled it together and set things straight.

    he is a good balance of humanity and divine calling, all wrapped into one.

  • Jenni Catron April 16, 2008  

    Great example, Mandy!

    Pete – I promise I’m not talking about you! 🙂

  • Brian April 16, 2008  

    hits home…thanks for sharing!

  • patrowland April 16, 2008  

    good stuff jenni and thanks for challenging those of us who like to wallow in our self pity…