We did it!

I’m a little bit late in posting these, but nevertheless here are a few race day pictures. I finished in 2:16:03. I was pretty pleased with that time, but am already itching to improve it – that competitive streak always gets the best of me!

Thank you to everyone who cheered us on and thank you to my running partners – I love you guys!

Pre-race wearing ponchos in the porta-potty line

Ashley, Shelby, me & Rachel wearing our ponchos waiting in the porta-potty line before the race.

My sister Jes came out to support us at the start & finish lines!

My sister Jes came out to support us at the starting line & the finish line.

We did it and have medals to prove it!

We did it and we have medals to prove it!

Completing this 1/2 marathon was a big accomplishment for me.  I’ve never considered myself a runner, but my friends inspired me to train and to do something I never thought I could do.

What major goals or accomplishments have you tackled?

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  • Rachel April 29, 2008  

    Thanks for posting these & a huge thanks to Jes for being our caretaker that morning. I have no desire to do the 1/2 again but it is by far the biggest physical/mental challenge I’ve ever accomplished. Every day I think about it and still smile that we trained so hard and performed so well. What a great memory that we will always have to talk about on our Golden Girl trips! Thanks for being our pace car too. If you do it again, move up to at least Corral 20 or higher to avoid those darn walkers. 🙂

  • Laura April 29, 2008  


  • Eve Annunziato April 29, 2008  

    YEA!!! I’m so proud of you guys – this is quite a feat! CONGRATS! If you can run a marathon (full or half) you can do anything!

  • Melissa Irwin April 29, 2008  

    I’m excited for your accomplishment! Way to go…all of you!

  • Marla Saunders April 29, 2008  

    I am very inspired by your accomplishment, Jenni. You should feel proud of yourself.