Sunday Highlights

We finished the Plan B series today at Cross Point Nashville. This series has impacted so many lives. The stories of how God is working through the “Plan B’s” for so many people have been extremely moving.

Here are some things that Pete said today:

  • John 16:33 – we have to embrace both parts of this verse: “in me you may have peace” AND “in this world you will have trouble”
  • We are not exempt from Plan B’s, but we can have the confidence that Jesus has overcome the world.
  • I don’t have a bow to give you this morning (can’t package this up nice and pretty). I want to give you a bow. I want to tell you it’s all alright.
  • The stories you have shared with me during this series have rocked me to the core.
  • There is only one place to go in the midst of your Plan B – the cross of Jesus Christ.
  • The cross is not just the place you start, it’s the very center of our story.
  • The cross is an anchor for your soul. It’s not just something that gets you into heaven.
  • He (God) has a perspective on life that we simply don’t have.
  • When you look at the cross, it reminds us the extent to which God will go for us.
  • God has redemptive power. He takes the worst things in our life and turns them to good.
  • The cross is proof that there is purpose in the midst of your circumstance.
  • There is not always a bow, but there is always hope because there is a cross.
  • God’s love will supersede whatever you are going through!

If you couldn’t join us today, be sure to check back at for the audio of the message.

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