Drive Conference – Quick Update

I’m in Atlanta for the next couple of days for the Drive Conference at North Point Community Church. Things got off to a great start tonight. Andy Stanley spoke about trusting and being trustworthy, especially as it relates to church staff teams. Really great stuff – more about that later…

The highlight of the night was joining a somewhat impromptu gathering of bloggers who are at Drive hosted by Ragamuffin Soul. There were about 30 of us in attendance and it was great to meet people from churches all across the country. Here’s a pic of the night (courtesy of Josh Lazar) – there I am right behind Carlos!!

More details to come!

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  • patrowland May 6, 2008  

    nice! You’ve now reached across blogs, your picture and name is on Ragamuffin Soul! Looks like fun!

  • Marla Saunders May 6, 2008  

    SO MUCH FUN! I’d have loved to be sitting across the table from you with a nice piece of Bahama Breeze banana bread cake. I’m glad you and Pete and all the others got to enjoy that experience. So here’s the question: was it motivating and inspirational or was it terrifying?! I’m going to guess you had a blast.

  • Brad May 8, 2008  

    Jenni –
    It was great to meet you and Pete and some of your team.
    It’s an honor to have you attend and I am a fan of your church.
    Keep pressin’ on and I hope we will cross paths again!