Manic Monday and Tuesday and…

This week has been insanely busy already and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down much. Fortunately I love my job so I kind of feed off of the intensity.

Here’s a run down of today:

  • Weekly breakfast with Pete
  • Programming meeting with Matt, Jarrod, Chad, Butch & Pete to plan the services for Nashville and Dickson
  • Staff meeting followed by staff lunch at US Border Mexican and cake for Chad’s birthday
  • Several meetings with staff and an elder
  • Our monthly Board of Directors meeting was tonight – I always enjoy the lively discussions with these guys!

Days like today remind me of what amazing people I am privileged to work with. They stretch me, they challenge me, they encourage me, they support me, they make me laugh, sometimes they make me cry, but they always make me better.

Who do you enjoy working with and why?

By they way… you should tell them!

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  • jarrodmorris May 13, 2008  

    Jenni, we enjoy working with you too.
    Your ability to keep us in control and still have fun is what I love about you.

  • Pete Wilson May 13, 2008  

    Enjoyed breakfast this morning. It’s always a highlight of my week!

  • brandiandboys May 13, 2008  

    my three main little men…make me smile, make me cry, challenge me, encourage me ..just a little differently then the men you’re talking about!

  • Ash May 14, 2008  

    Couldn’t possibly work with a more fun or talented team! I especially love that my boss is also one of my best friends…and a super-motivating running partner. Thanks for the patience as we stretch and deal with growing pains, and for always gently pushing me to grow myself.

    I always loved that Mary Poppins made a game of a mundane task. “Well Begun is Half Done, otherwise entitled…Let’s Tidy up the Nursery.” Realizing the power of a shift in perspective can completely change your day!

    I made Matt watch the “I love to laugh” scene just this week…and sang along to the entire thing!

  • DEb May 14, 2008  

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job!! It is the best job I’ve ever had! I love my “virtual employees/bosses” and the fact that I can do what I want, when I want… let alone that I can talk “professionally” on the phone while still in my PJ’s!! teehee

  • Jenni Catron May 14, 2008  

    Thanks for the kind words Jarrod, Pete & Ash.
    Brandi – your days are never dull with those boys.
    Debbie – we ALL wish we had your job 🙂