Disenchanted with Church

Yesterday I had the privilege to hang out with two young women that attend Cross Point. One of them I just met this week, the other I have been getting to know over the last couple of months.

They are both single 20-somethings.

They are focused and purposeful – one just opened her own business, the other is headed off to NYC for an amazing internship and then headed to grad school.

One is going through a break-up, the other is just beginning a relationship.

They both love God passionately.

They both are skeptical of the church. They each in their own way experienced some junk in the church growing up that has made them question God, question their faith, question the church, question religion.

They have doubted. One rebelled.

They both have renewed hope in the church because of their experience at Cross Point and that makes me so excited!

I believe these ladies represent the feelings of their generation. They are looking for a faith that is real, a little raw and a lot honest. They want to see the church practice what we preach and LOVE people first. They don’t expect perfection… in fact they loathe the facade of perfection. They know Cross Point won’t get it all right and that is ok as long as we don’t pretend to. They don’t expect the people at Cross Point to be perfect, they just want to see us striving to be Christ-like.

These young women give me hope that this generation is not as lost as some have feared. They are just trying to find a place where faith is authentically lived out.

I’m proud that Cross Point has become a place where this generation is finding renewed hope in the church. I’m humbled by the responsibility we have to create such a place.

Is your church a place where the disenchanted can find new hope?

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One comment

  • Brian May 15, 2008  

    awesome stuff!!! and no, not every “church” out there is a place where those who are far from God can come and be reunited