Set Sail!

Ok, so maybe our ship doesn’t look exactly like this but the Cross Point staff is setting sail today on our staff trip. We are going to spend some time away from the office enjoying the outdoors and some quality relaxed time together.

No, we can’t really afford to take the time away from the office, but here are some reasons why I think making time like this together as a staff is so important:

  1. Our relationships are strengthened
  2. We build trust with each other and as a team
  3. We learn more about one another
  4. We dream and plan better because we are removed from the daily tasks
  5. We grow spiritually because we make intentional time to pray and study together
  6. We have fun!
  7. We have stories to tell for months… maybe years
  8. The memories of the fun together help carry us through when the days are tough
  9. We gain perspective and are re-energized about the vision and calling that God has for us as individuals and for this church
  10. We have fun! (oh, I said that already)

Pictures and stories to come!

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  • Marla Saunders May 19, 2008  

    It makes me think of Michael Scott on the Office with his great field trips for the staff! While he usually gets sidetracked, I’m sure your day will be awesome. To quote Dwight, “Alright! Funtivities!”

  • Ash May 22, 2008  

    Funitivities indeed! And much-needed ones! Had a blast and am so thankful for your placing a priority on our staff having a little stress-free time away…so refreshing!