Friday Fun

Rather typical Friday today:

  • 8.5 mile run with Ash today – not our best day… we were feeling all the crap we ate this week on staff trip 🙂
  • quick clean-up of the house because Merlyn’s mom is visiting this weekend
  • lunch at Calypso Cafe (one of my favorite’s) with Merlyn and his mom
  • lots of catch-up: Junior League details, Google Reader, laundry, etc
  • have a date tonight with Merlyn… don’t know what we are doing yet – can’t wait!

That’s about it! No big plans for the holiday weekend… which sounds so good to me right now.

What are you doing this weekend?

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  • Aaron May 23, 2008  

    when you post about running 8.5 miles, can you just lie and put like 2 miles, so guys like me don’t feel so bad? 😉

  • Rachel May 24, 2008  

    we have no real plans either but working on the house and hanging with the kids. I did realize this morning that we should have had Bix as our pace car when we were training. I chased him on the greenway this morning and he kept me running but it didn’t feel like work…just a fun game of chase. Enjoy your weekend and get some rest!

  • Ash May 24, 2008  

    Plans for this weekend: get ready to go to Hawaii! Matt and I did our grab-all-the-random-things-we-need at Walmart this morning and started to tackle amazing accrual of laundry that just the two of us have managed! Now I’m back at the office trying to tie up loose ends before we leave. Is going on vacation worth the stress of getting ready to go on vacation? I’m pretty sure this trip’ll be worth it!