Staff Trip Highlights

I know you all have been chomping at the bit for more details from our trip…

  • Captain Wilson can navigate a 70′ boat pretty well (except for that one tree we hit!)
  • The talent show was over the top: Ryan is the perfect MC for such an event, Tom was an aging Diana Ross, Miranda puts her entire fist in her mouth, Ashley has mad Hoolah Hoop skills, and Chad… well let’s just say there is a whole other side of this dude!
  • Pat & George are grill masters – Pat grilled some amazing steaks for dinner and George grilled bacon for breakfast – unbelievable!
  • Jarrod ruled the lake on the jet ski
  • Matt is Guitar Hero king – although with a bit more practice I think I can take him!

Jack, Julie & Wendy – we missed you guys!

Among all of the fun moments, we also had some important time of bonding and discussion. This year I led the staff through a DICS personality and Spiritual Gifts assessment. We do something like this every year because I believe it is important to remember and celebrate the giftedness of each staff member and how that giftedness enables them to uniquely contribute to this staff and this church. In that time each person shared their top 5 spiritual gifts and them the idiosyncracies of their DISC profile. Then we allow the others to affirm how they see that individual operating in their giftedness. It’s really exciting to watch our team value, appreciate and encourage each other in this way!

Before we packed up and headed home, Pete challenged us with a devotional about humility.

Humility means…

  • Giving up thinking that we know it all
  • Giving up thinking we have to do it well all the time
  • Giving up thinking that we are better than others when they do not do it well
  • Giving up needing to be seen as right or good all the time
  • Giving up needing to be defensive all the time

Pride in a leader’s life will always lead to:

  1. Ownership instead of stewardship
  2. Blindness instead of awareness

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Pat (you’ll love Pat’s poem)

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