The Power of Purging

So I spent the majority of today cleaning the master bedroom and bath. One of those turn-everything-inside-out kind of cleanings…

  • baseboards
  • windows
  • doors
  • floors
  • the dog’s bed (yuck!)
  • dusting
  • putting away clean laundry
  • washing dirty laundry
  • putting away winter clothes
  • getting rid of clothes that I haven’t worn in forever
  • organizing my shoes (you can now walk into the ‘walk-in’ closet :))

The Results:

Ahhhhh… now I’m off to enjoy a good book!

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  • kingcincinnati May 31, 2008  

    Hello Hello….I am not sure if you even remember me but we worked on a project together back in the Forefront days…hahahah. Glad to see you blog! Well…just wanted to stop in and say hello…you can check my blog out also

  • tam May 31, 2008  

    wow girl! you’ve been busy!

    i lounged with my daughter all day. the boys are at fish camp. so we have officially taken back the house!!! we rule right now. oh yes we do! no cleaning for me this weekend 😉

  • Jenni Catron June 1, 2008  

    Ahhhh Tam…. much needed ‘girl’ time. Good for you guys… um, I mean girls! 🙂