Sunday Highlights -Sync Series Launch

This Sunday at Cross Point Nashville we launched the new series ‘Sync’.

The staff have been gearing up for several weeks on this one because we really believe this series has the potential to significantly impact people’s lives. The creative juices were also flowing resulting in a great set design, some fabulous music and this great intro video that Matt created.


As I expressed in my previous post about ‘Sync’ I expected this series to challenge me and Pete definitely didn’t let me down.

Here are some highlights from the message:

  • I’m addicted to “on” and I’m afraid of what I might discover about myself if I ever turn it off.
  • Scriptures: John 15:5, Mark 1:14-15, Romans 12:2, Matthew 13:44-46, John 8:12, John 10:10
  • If you find yourself saying “I need something deeper”, you’re probably looking in the wrong place. You don’t need me or the church – you need more of Jesus Christ.
  • You have to OWN your spiritual life.
  • There is a gap between the life Jesus wants for me and where I am.
  • Spiritual Transformation is not about external behavior, it’s about what’s on the inside.

And here’s the big question that he asked us:

Is the driving force of my life that I want Christ to be formed in me?

Have you decided that you want Christ more than anything else?

Well, that’ll give you something to chew on this week.

[We also gave out copies of the message on CD after the services for those that wanted to re-listen or give a copy to a friend to invite them to join us for the series. If you didn’t get a CD and would like one, email We’ll also be posting the message on-line and for downloads – I’ll keep you posted on when it’s available.]

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  • Grant June 1, 2008  

    Jenni, this sounds/looks amazing… and like something I really need to hear. Can’t wait for the download.

  • brandiandboys June 1, 2008  

    i loved you have to OWN your own spiritual life! too often we talk about others not meeting our needs. that hit home for me!

  • lynse leanne June 1, 2008  

    Wow!!! That is really challenging.

    “I’m addicted to “on” and I’m afraid of what I might discover about myself if I ever turn it off.”

    That is something i do ALL THE TIME. driving i always have music on and dont like silence, because in silence you have to think. i always have plans so i dont have to be alone…..

    I am going to try and turn “off” this summer so i can remove the fear of turning “off.”

    very challenging.

  • Jenni Catron June 1, 2008  

    Lynse Leanne – I’m with you… the addicted to “on” is overwhelming for me.

    Can’t wait for next week!

  • Eve Annunziato June 1, 2008  

    WOW! The video and the message are amazing! I’m really looking forward to this series. Can’t wait!