Sunday Highlights – Part 1

My weekly Sunday highlights will come in two parts today because I spent the morning at Cross Point Dickson and will spend the evening at Cross Point Nashville.

It doesn’t get any better than that – two Cross Point experiences in ONE DAY!

So here’s a quick recap of Sunday morning at Dickson:

This was a quick pic of the production and music teams having their meeting before the service run-through. Lots of good laughs with this group. They don’t take themselves too seriously, but yet are passionate about creating a worship environment that draws people closer to God.

It was a great day… great crowd… exciting to see how God continues to use Cross Point to work in this community! Chad and his team are doing an amazing job!

Dickson began the ‘SYNC’ series this week and so I got to soak up (again) the opening message for this series. I’m telling you… the question that Pete left us with has been haunting me all week:

“Do you want Christ to be formed in you more than anything else?”

I hope it’s been messing with you too!

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