Sunday Highlights

The Cross Point Nashville Picnic was today. I hope you were able to make it… lots of fun for all… a little hot, but still great!

Cross Point Dickson, your summer picnic is July 13th – make sure it’s on your calendar!

Pete continued the SYNC series today with “Syncing Through Scripture”

Here are the highlights:

  • Matthew 12:33-35
  • Most of us have grown up in environments that focused on external behaviors, on what you do. But in reality, transformation happens from the inside out.
  • Jesus message was NOT about behavior modification
  • In regard to my spiritual transformation, my job is to abide in Christ
  • Spiritual transformation is not about behavior modification. Rather, it’s about internal renovation.
  • We’re not just talking about your actions, we’re talking about your thoughts.
  • Romans 12:2, 1 Corinthians 2:16, Philippians 2:5, 2 Corinthians 10:5, 2 Timothy 3:16-17, Psalm 119:105, Lamentations 3:21
  • There is a big difference from going through the Bible and letting the Bible go through you.
  • The overwhelming majority of us don’t immerse ourselves in scripture.
  • The Bible is an amazing text message – it is instant, relevant, personal information
  • Don’t think about scripture in a ‘homework’ kind of way!
  • If you want authentic transformation in your life, it’s not going to happen sitting around watching T.V.
  • The Bible is NOT a book about laws and limitations, it’s a book about life.

How can I pray for you this week as you SYNC with God?

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One comment

  • tam June 16, 2008  

    “There is a big difference from going through the Bible and letting the Bible go through you.”

    YES! I love this!

    I love Cross Point – what a blessing it must be to be a part of this church…

    Blessings girl!