In an effort to choose joy like we discussed on Sunday, I’m reminding myself of the blessings in my life.

One of the great points that George made was that in order to choose joy we need to focus on the things in life that can’t be replaced. So here’s the beginning of my list:

  • A wonderful husband
  • My relationships with family and friends
  • Good health
  • My Border Collie Mick who makes me smile and sing

It’s funny… as I made this list it was difficult to think of things that CAN’T BE REPLACED. As I would think of things to add to the list I put them through the filter “can that be replaced” and most of them like my job, my house, my stuff could be replaced.

So the things to focus on, the things that bring joy in our life are few and precious.

What do you need to do today to live more joyfully?

I made a list of irreplaceable things to help me focus on choosing joy.

What are you going to do to choose joy today?

I’m adding this to Positive Post Tuesday as well.

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  • Joel June 24, 2008  

    Good relationships with family and friends is most important as of what I think. This can build a stronger bond between any relationships… 🙂

    BTW nice blog… 🙂

  • kay m June 24, 2008  

    I am praying for God to help me see every circumstance, good or bad, as something coming directly from Him to me. So that His presence and providential care for me is my main focus and the source of my joy, instead of the circumstances around me. This helps me not be so roller coaster-like in my emotions i.e. moody. seems like this might be a life-long lesson for me, huh?!

  • Aaron June 24, 2008  

    A mistake I made yesterday is stealing my joy

    To restore my joy, today I need to rest in Christ’s forgiveness

  • Heidi June 24, 2008  

    My husband’s illness has stolen my joy.
    I need to find my joy….
    my husband needs me… complete me.

  • Ash June 24, 2008  

    Today I will choose to find my worth in the fact that I am His. I have trouble with allowing other people (Really, it’s what I think they think about me.) to steal my joy. I can’t please everyone the way I want to, but I can find joy in knowing that by some crazy grace that I can’t understand, I am fully accepted and loved.

  • Brooke June 24, 2008  

    I can choose joy by being absolutley present and transparent in my interactions with others, and rather than wondering if the same is being done in return, simply pray for those who aren’t ready for that commitment.
    And, I had a beautiful example of choosing joy by my 4 year old daughter this morning…we were driving she & her baby sister to school with the windows down and music playing. While sitting at a stop light she heard birds singing and asked whether it was coming from the stereo or outside. We agreed that it was coming from outside. After a moment or 2 of reflection, she announced: “what a beautiful day, Mommy!” kids have really got it right!

  • A saying that I LOVE to say is, “Don’t let that devil steal your joy”… it works really well w/kids and adults alike!! It’s so true!! Try saying it when you think he’s trying to steal your joy….you’ll be amazed at how well it works!!

    Love ya, girl!!

  • Jenni Catron June 24, 2008  

    Joel – I agree, family and friends are such an important part of choosing joy. These are the relationships that are too often taken for granted.

    Kay – I’ve never known you to be moody, but I totally relate to the roller coaster feelings!

    Aaron – praying for you to be flooded with Christ’s love and forgiveness today.

    Heidi – you are in the midst of one of the most difficult seasons (in my opinion) in which to experience joy… praying for God to bring you peace and joy during this time.

    Ash – you are so loved for who you are!

    Brooke – your precious girls… what a joy!

    Debbie – great suggestion! Somehow I can hear you saying that!

  • tam June 24, 2008  

    wow. aaron, heidi – am praying for you now…

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