Friday Fun

For today’s Friday Fun I thought I would share with you a few of ‘my favorite things‘:

  • the accomplished feeling after completing a nice long run (7 miles today)
  • clean sheets – oh how I love cozying up in my bed with freshly laundered sheets! I would have fresh clean sheets every day of the week if I could… but then, maybe it wouldn’t be so special?
  • the smell of suntan lotion – I feel like I’m at the beach even though I’m oh so far away
  • reading a good book while soaking up the sunshine
  • attending the Cross Point Nashville men’s softball games – there’s nothing like being at the ballpark in the summer time!

These are a few of ‘my favorite things‘ that I enjoyed today for Friday Fun!

I hope you had a good day too. What did you do?

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  • Jan Owen June 28, 2008  

    I just rested in the morning, trying to recup from day surgery still. But last night I felt good enough to go to dinner with friends and that was great. I enjoyed getting out of the house. Oh, and I stopped by Target on the way home so I enjoyed some shopping too!

  • Nate June 28, 2008  

    Hey, first time reader here. I like your blog! In response to your post, my Friday included a little bit of everything. Worked out a little, chatted online a little, worked on some music a little. Oh, and I caught Get Smart. Fun flick!


    BTW, how DO you do seven miles???????? I do FOUR and I’m dying!!!! You’re my idol.

  • texaSUS June 28, 2008  

    so i’m finally “commenting” in the right location. i did work out yesterday, quit work at 3:30 (love that my boss let’s me do that, HA!), and had dinner w/ stacey jennette. good times. i do so love clean sheets as well, but i have had “clean sheet sunday” for years, so that’s the day i do mine…every week…without fail. 🙂 did you know oprah has her sheets done every other day? apparently she still loves it, even though she has it more frequently. 🙂

  • tam June 28, 2008  

    i spent my friday with our out of town blogger friends from PA. too stinkin’ cool!

    now we’re gonna spend all weekend and next week together.

    so far so good. they dont seem to be dangerous or convicts.