Sophia Network Book Review

I had the privilege to contribute a book review of Gilbert Bilezikian’s book Beyond Sex Roles:What the Bible Says About A Woman’s Place in Church and Family to the Sophia Network this month.

THE SOPHIA NETWORK aims to celebrate women in youth work and ministry, what we have achieved and what we are contributing to the kingdom of God. We want to increase the visibility of women in youth work, making the wider church aware of the fantastic work that women are doing. The Sophia Network will enable women in youth work to connect with each other, share skills and experiences and offer encouragement and support.

While The Sophia Network targets women in youth work, they also encourage women in children’s ministry or church leadership to be a part. You can check out the review by going HERE. You’ll need to become a member to access the review, but if you are a woman in leadership it’s worth it for the additional networking with some great women across the pond.

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  • Marla Saunders July 1, 2008  

    Dr. Bilzekian was one of my profs back in the stone age at Wheaton College. I think we were using “beyond sex roles” back then, too.

    We have a grad student/full time youth ministry woman who lives with us. I’ll have to pass on the info about Sophia. There are so few other women for her to connect with — at least people who want to work full time, long term. Lots of short termers.

  • ncarnes July 2, 2008  

    I know several women youth workers and they may be interested in a network like this. I’ll pass the word around.

    I was at a youth conference a couple of years ago and there was a 70+ year old female youth worker who had been working with students for around 40 years. It was awesome to see that.

  • Nate July 3, 2008  

    Hey, this looks pretty cool. . . I’ve got a few friends who might be interested.