Should I Be a Busy Body?

I’m usually not much of a busy body.

I try not to intrude on conversations already in progress.

I won’t usually ask you for information or the ‘scoop’ because I figure if you want me to know you’ll tell me.

But what I’ve discovered is that I get left out of a lot of cool things. Maybe you think I’m not interested because I haven’t instigated. Maybe you think I don’t care. Oftentimes I probably look like I’m too busy.

I’m not sure.

But I’m thinking about becoming a busy body. What do you think?

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  • ncarnes July 7, 2008  

    That is so funny 😆 – I was just reading in 2 Thess 3 today, check out verse 11 in the NIV (We hear that some among you are idle. They are not busy; they are busybodies.)

  • Andy Depuy July 7, 2008  

    I need to let you know that sometimes I feel i am the same I am a busybidy cause I might miss something that is really cool or something that might be happening and I don’t want to miss it, but i am working on this and just sometimes just staying to myself

  • fullofboys July 7, 2008  

    I have to tell you that I would never have guessed that you are left out…and yet I totally get it. I feel the same way much of the time. While I would love to be included in a variety of things, I just don’t want to pry!

  • July 7, 2008  

    Very interesting…I wouldn’t call it a busy body as much as I would call it a social butterfly!

    I recommend getting the scoop and talking to as many people as you can. It’s all about making connections with people and you can’t do that without reaching out and being a “busy body” – ha!

  • brandiandboys July 7, 2008  

    I think you just appear busy to others, but you don’t want to be a busybody. Technically a busybody is a meddling or prying person that others don’t usually enjoy, there’s no way you could become that person, you’re too darn likable! 🙂

  • Vic July 7, 2008  

    When I hear the words busy body I think of a gossiper and someone having to know the latest scoop on everyone. So, for me the title “busy body” is a negative one. But now if you are talking about being social that’s a different story and unfortunately when in leadership people seem to think we want don’t have time for them which causes leadership to be a pretty lonely place

  • Jenni Catron July 7, 2008  

    @JudiFree I like ‘social butterfly”… that’s more of what I’m going for

    @Vic I agree busy body seems negative

  • loridknerr July 7, 2008  

    Anyone who knows you would never think of you as a “busybody”. I am of the same opinion as Brandi, a “busybody” tries to know everyone’s business (usually the business that is none of theirs) and meddles and interferes, etc. You, on the other hand, are none of those. Just one heck of a busy woman – in a really GOOD way!!
    PS – I also like the name “social butterfly”!

  • Heidi July 7, 2008  

    I got to tell ya… Being a “social Butterfly” is not all that either.
    I have had many conversations with people over this. I am a natural socializer and yes I’m right in the middle of many different conversations.

    But someone spoke in my life real recent and told me that I was so shallow.
    That hurt and panged so bad. Because I am not. I just choose the conversations I go deep with.
    I call myself now the mingler. I mingle within conversations. If they are over my head or maybe I have no business in it. I politely walk away.
    I do it for my mental health.
    I, like others above feel the word “busybody” is negative.
    I don’t desire anyone who meddles.

  • carolyn July 7, 2008  

    jenni, i know EXACTLY what you mean!!!

    i do the exact same thing. i’ve wondered if i should inquire more too. should i insert myself into the cool conversation so i can know the cool stuff too or is that too… what’s the word – – needy, maybe? what is that? is it my pride that keeps me from doing it. cause, usually i decide to ignore it and go out in search of ‘my own’ cool news. i’m a little fanatical about creative ideas or information that i perceive to be all my own. the truth? there’s no such thing. lol. i should probably just be more social and not quite so gung ho all the time. [sigh]

  • Jenni Catron July 7, 2008  

    @Heidi great perspective! I think it’s like most things it comes down to balance. Being extreme on either side can be a problem.

    @Carolyn – I can so relate to the pride thing, wanting the idea to be my own, to be the first with the info…

  • Eve Annunziato July 7, 2008  

    Interesting thoughts – I don’t get that impression from you EVER. You are one of the rare people who always seem to make time for me whenever I see you. And, don’t get me started on how great you are when my kids walk into the church. Even when you’re in the middle of something you stop, and talk to my kids. You make eye contact and genuinely love on them. And, they notice – trust me.

    In other words, you always seem interested and you always seem to care. And, that’s atypical for a leader. I do understand your point – but from my perspective you may be busy but never too busy…

  • Seriously, are you kidding??????? I totally agree w/Brandi and Lori.. you really are BUSY but you’re not a BUSYBODY! I’ve seen you work and work and work on Sunday’s (and even on Tues and Thurs EVENINGS) and you are like an octopus… so many arms going and going and doing and doing….wow, I’m tired just thinking about it. My opinion is, you ARE busy and even when you have a minute to stop and stand still, it’s just that…a minute! Eve’s right too….you don’t even have kids and yet when you see them you stoop down on their little level and chat w/them…again, BUSY! Thank God we have you and your busy-ness!! 🙂

    PS: I totally love your husband!! He makes me laugh…. A LOT!

  • crossroadstalk July 8, 2008  

    I just think you do a great job!

  • tawny July 9, 2008  

    Hey Jenni,
    I love asking people questions, because I love getting to know them. I have always just assumed everyone liked it (I think most of the time they do) but my sister feels just like you. She doesn’t want to pry but then is concerned people will think she doesn’t care. I do think God calls us to know each other as well as we can and to bear one another’s burdens. So to me, asking questions is a way to love people. To know them and what is going on in their lives and how we can help them. I haven’t been blogging as much lately and missed some good stuff on your blog, dang it!

  • rachbeav July 9, 2008  

    It is so against your nature to be a busybody. I think its a sign of maturity to not meddle in other people’s business because you want to feel included or ‘in the know.’ Good to make the rounds at the office and know your team but as far as the congregation’s drama, girl, don’t even go there. 😉