Sunday Highlights

I’m about tired of syncing!Β  It’s hard work! πŸ™‚

Today Pete talked about “Syncing Through Perseverance”.


James 1:2-4

Genesis 22:1-11

Isaiah 40:29-31

Psalm 147:3

Important takeaways:

  • He made the important distinction between perseverance and suffering.Β  Suffering is what happens to you, perseverance is how you choose to respond to it.
  • Suffering reminds me that I’m not in control of my life.
  • You don’t have to choose suffering.Β  Life will arrange that for you.Β  You choose how you will respond to it.
  • The cross reminds us that God doesn’t stand apart from our suffering.Β  The cross is also a reminder that God doesn’t always step in or answer our prayers the way we want them answered.Β  But it’s also a reminder He redeems.
  • Suffering alone doesn’t create perseverance.Β  Suffering lived out with faith is perseverance.

We finished the service with the amazing song “Healer”, challenging us to acknowledge God as our healer – the healer of whatever we are facing in our life – the healer of our hearts, the healer of our hurts, the healer of our sickness…

Thanks Brewster for introducing this one to us!

This is the performance of the song by the original artist – powerful!


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  • This was an ESPECIALLY good day for us, Jenni…. check out my blog! We JUST talked to Kyle about this exact same stuff that PP spoke on… so I knew GOD was going to do something big…..just didn’t know when or how!! πŸ™‚

    PS: I can’t believe you gave in to the marketing scheme of the iPhone!!!! πŸ™‚

  • Pete Wilson July 13, 2008  

    If it helps, I’m tired of syncing as well. πŸ™‚ You do such a good job of shrinking 25 minutes down to 4 or 5 sentences. I’m starting to think maybe you should give the message!

  • brewster July 14, 2008  

    my pleasure. I just wish i could have been there to experience it with you guys. God is using this song in SUCH a big way. Peoples lives are changing. THESE are the times I feel that we are walking out a calling and not just creating monsters. God has big plans for healing a ZILLION people and this song is part of that process. I am so happy that my favorite church people used the song early on! your so cutting edge!!! πŸ™‚ hope to see you guys soon. I might be making a trip to BNA soon….

  • Jessica July 14, 2008  

    Great song and Syncing is kicking my tail! But lovin it!

    I love you!

  • janowen July 14, 2008  

    One thing I’ve learned in my own journey of brokenness is that sometimes perseverance is nothing more than not turning back, not retreating, not giving into the pressure that makes us want to give up faith and hope. For me perseverance felt like hanging on by my fingernails to the edge of a cliff, battered by the wind and rain and praying desperately for a sunny day and a clear path to go forward. And that I wouldn’t fall off the cliff!

    We desperately want to be skipping along a meadow path or scaling a mountain in our journey. I wonder if we learn more huddled on the edge of a cliff or hacking our way through a seemingly endless quagmire of mud and brush?

    Remaining faithful (persevering) is not glamorous.

  • tam July 14, 2008  

    “You don’t have to choose suffering. Life will arrange that for you. You choose how you will respond to it.”

    awesome! wow. that pete is a smart one isn’t he? πŸ˜‰

    i cant wait to attend CP one day! im hoping i will at least!

  • Jenni Catron July 14, 2008  

    @brewster – I’m so glad we are some of your favorite church people πŸ™‚ Seriously, it’s an amazing song and you as a music industry person know just how important it is to see life change as a result of what you do. Great job!

    @Jan – “For me perseverance felt like hanging on by my fingernails to the edge of a cliff” – OUCH!

    @Tam – please come visit!!