Sunday Highlights Part 1

It’s a very full Sunday today!

We continued the Sync series talking about “Syncing through Giving”Pat, our Family Ministries Pastor, spoke today on this topic.

Here are some key points that he shared:

  • God doesn’t want your money.  And even if he did, couldn’t he just take it?
  • God wants our heart.  Notice that our hearts go where we give.
  • Referencing Luke 16: 1-15, Pat challenged us with the question: “How can we take what we have and use it as a tool for the kingdom?”
  • We have to leverage our stuff in the short time that we have to make an impact for the kingdom.

Two challenges Pat left us with:

1) Practice choosing contentment over consuming

2) Practice giving God your first and your best

To help make his point he used a great analogy with a cake.  He sliced the cake into five pieces, one piece to represent the mortgage, another to represent expenses for the family, another to represent the car payment, another to represent savings or investment and another to represent entertainment.  Then he shared that this is how we approach giving to God – we divide up our resources to cover all of these other things and then we are scraping the crumbs and icing to give to God – less than our first or our best.

We all walked away with one of these in hand to help us remember the point!

Another highlight of the day was connecting with Pete and the team that are on the mission trip in the Dominican Republic.  We were able to talk to them live in each of the morning services where Pete shared more about the work that these guys are doing.  In the second service we had the privilege to meet Moises, the Haitian pastor that we support in the D.R., and he shared his great appreciation and love for everyone at Cross Point and how our GIVING is impacting the ministry he is doing there.

Be sure to visit the Cross Point Missions Blog to hear more about their trip!

This afternoon I’m headed to Dickson to join Cross Point Dickson for their summer picnic.  Can’t wait to join them for their first church-wide picnic and baptism celebration!

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  • tam July 20, 2008  

    very cool for the dickson campus!!!

  • Marla Saunders July 20, 2008  

    We were just having this discussion in our home tonight with our Soon-to-be-launched to College daughter: give to God first, and the rest is yours. Hard lesson to learn no matter what your age, but easier to learn with smaller numbers.

    Love the cupcakes…great (and tasty) visual! Remember those scrumptious cupcakes at Q? Yum. Sigh.

  • Jacinda July 21, 2008  

    Hi, just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog. (I’m Heather/whittakerwoman’s BFF) Love the cake analogy. Great visual!