Sunday Highlights

It was a really moving day at Cross Point Nashville today.  I have been looking forward to today’s messaging “Syncing Through Worship” since we started this series.

Today we did a combination of extra music, teaching all on video, and communion as part our worship experience.

Here’s what the script looked like:

Worship Songs:

“Blessed be Your Name”


“Awesome is Our God” (an original written by Jarrod)

Welcome by Pete

Video 1 featuring Pete talking about the discipline of worship

Worship Songs:

“From the Inside Out” (my favorite worship song!)

“Our God Reigns”

Video 2 featuring Pete – continued teaching on the worship

Communion led by Pastor Tom

Special Music “How He Loves” performed by Marcia Ramirez

Closing announcements

Here are a few things that Pete said that stuck with me:

  • From John 15 “apart from me, you can do nothing”
  • When we think worship, we think music/songs, but worship can be so much more than that
  • You have to make a choice to build your life around this method of worship
  • Worship is allowing your mind to be brought into the presence of the reality of God
  • The cross is the best model of worship we have.  It’s the most incredible act of worship
  • Jesus last words were a prayer of worship
  • For every act of worship, there is always an act of surrender/sacrifice

What will you do to purposefully worship this week?

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  • Kelli July 27, 2008  

    How awesome that God has led your pastor to teach on such an important subject. Our worship team gathered for prayer and fellowship last week and I taught on freedom in worship. I love how God gives us scripture to show us how to reach his heart.

    This week it is my intention to spend time with God in a more personal way by getting up early in the morning, and praying before I do anything else. I have to admit although I do daily devotions, I sometimes “fit” them into my day instead of making God the priority.

    Sounds like you guys had an awesome service today

  • lynse leanne July 27, 2008  

    Wish i could have heard that message. it sounds like just what i needed right now.

    some day i will come to Cross Point for a Sunday….hopefully soon.

  • wideawake1 July 28, 2008  

    A well known worship leader told me that worship is a lifestyle. It never hit home before. This week I will purposely strive to remember that statement.

  • totaltransformation July 28, 2008  

    Sounds like a fruitful service.