Emotional Whiplash

That is how I would describe my day… Emotional Whiplash

I started today celebrating the life of Melissa Schuler.  Melissa was an amazing woman who gave her life to others in so many ways.  In today’s celebration of her life, we laughed, we cried (a lot), we honored her and remembered the many ways that she was the love of Christ to so many.

One of Melissa’s favorite volunteer roles was checking kids into Kidz World on Sunday mornings.  Here’s a pic of she and her husband serving in Kidz World.

I finished my day attending the kick-off of Collidescope (think VBS on steroids!) Tonight was a celebration night for the entire family.  I watched so many lovely families enjoy a (HOT) night with lots of games, food, treats and prizes for everyone.  I just love watching the faces of these sweet kids enjoy a party just for them.

And as I watched I couldn’t help but reflect on the importance of these moments.  Both of these events for me today created valuable reflective moments… moments where I grieved the loss of a precious life, moments where I celebrated the legacy she left, moments where I saw the beauty of family, moments where I saw the joy of an innocent child, moments that were just plain fun… all moments that were meaningful.

Tonight she would have been proud.  Melissa, we missed you!

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  • Pete Wilson July 28, 2008  

    You described it well!

  • Janice July 29, 2008  

    Although I did not know Melissa here, the accolades from you and Pete, as well as others’ comments, make me look forward to meeting her “when we all get to Heaven.” What a legacy she has left for us all. I’m sure she received a hearty “Well done!”

  • waswrittenin July 29, 2008  

    So good to see you last night 🙂 I have been thinking of some places for your “break” this weekend… I will send you a list! Have a good day!

  • Crystal Renaud July 29, 2008  

    wow, after reading this and after reading Pete’s post i am totally bummed that i didn’t know Melissa. i am praying for you all as you grieve the loss of your friend (and a piece of your family). blessings to you.

  • 5th Street July 29, 2008  

    Well said Jenni,

    Good celebrations, for Melissa and the kids at Cross Point!

  • totaltransformation July 29, 2008  

    If I was there I so would have been playing on the huge inflatable slide.

  • Heidi July 29, 2008  

    It’s so incredibly motivating to read this story about Melissa.
    Although I never met her, I am praying for her family as I write.

    Melissa is at the biggest check in of her life.
    and is cancer free!!!

    How incredible.

  • tam July 29, 2008  

    i pray we all can leave a meaningful legacy


  • Eve Annunziato July 29, 2008  

    WOW, so very well said, Jenni. Melissa’s life and legacy motivate me. I’m motivated to strive and become a better person, to care more for people and to be a better Christ follower. Our days are numbered… Thanks for this great post!

  • JudiFree.com July 29, 2008  

    I’m sorry you lost your friend. This was a beautiful tribute to her.