Friday Fun

My earlier post was a little intense so I thought I would lighten it up with a list of today’s Friday Fun!

  • No alarm clock to wake up to…. aaagghhh!
  • 5 miles with Ash. 1/2 running trails, 1/2 roads. HOT! Very HOT!
  • Cleaned the house because that makes me comfortable 🙂
  • Hung out at the pool for a few hours with friends
  • Planning to finish Eclipse today so I’m ready for Breaking Dawn to come out tomorrow.
  • A little more reading and studying and then I’m making a pizza and watching a ‘chick flick’

Perfect Friday Fun, don’t you think?

What are you going to do for fun this weekend?

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  • Heidi August 1, 2008  

    Beyond taking care of my son after surgery
    I’m working on baby shower, a ministry commercial, ministry structure plan and plenty of church.

    But I know I will catch 1 1/2 mile walk on the beach. In our beautiful SD weather.. might even catch a fish taco and mango salsa… 🙂


  • Jared Woodard August 1, 2008  

    Working on the house,and Hanging at CPC. Guess which one im looking forward to :O