My Favorite Olympian

I didn’t go into the Olympic games with a favorite athlete, but I have one now.

Shawn Johnson

This little powerhouse is amazing!  I was able to watch most of the gymnastic events that she competed in and was ecstatic when she finally grabbed a gold the other night on the balance beam.

What I found most fascinating about Shawn wasn’t just her strength and power as a gymnast but it was her character and personality I observed when she wasn’t competing.  I noticed that she was always quick to engage with the other competitors, hug them and praise them for their accomplishments.

I love her sweet little personality!  And better yet, she looks like a “Who” with her cute little cheeks and nose.  How could you not love her?

So who has become your favorite 2008 Olympian?

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  • Marla Saunders August 20, 2008  

    OH Shawn, now doubt about it. I appreciate Michael Phelps, too, but everyone will say that. I wish I could find an obsucre Olympian to mention just to confuse everyone. “Shot putter? Did we see shot putters? Which one was she?”

    Oh wait…I love that Jamaican runner guy: the one who’s whole body was just built by God to run and he knows it. What joy God must have in watching him!

  • Christina Schmidt August 20, 2008  

    I like Lolo Jones, the runner, she actually donated her winnings from the olympic trials ($4,000 to help w/ the costs of getting there) to a family who’d lost their home to the IA floods, and two of her sponsors matched it. And she had the if it’s one less person, not a big deal, they needed the money more type of mentality, and that’s more than most of us would do

    I also loved Shawn, and Nastia. I totally think Nastia should’ve won gold on the uneven bars, and nonetheless, she still handled it very well! I don’t know that I wouldn’t have gone and argued with the judges LOL

  • Christina Schmidt August 20, 2008  

    I totally meant if it’s one less person going to the olympic games LOL, wish they had an edit button

  • Aaron August 20, 2008  

    diver Laura Wilkinson

    she goes to our church

  • Jenni Catron August 21, 2008  

    @Marla – yes, Michael Phelps was amazing no doubt. Yeah, the shot putters… that’s an interesting sport!

    @Christina – I totally agree about Nastia. She is an amazing athlete and really got ripped off on the uneven bars.

  • Jenn August 21, 2008  

    Ha – I just posted about something list this! I like Michale Phelps (obvious, right) but not for the gold medals…although that was quite a feat. Nope, I think him because he took time to kiss his mom after that 8th gold medal. Being a mom of boys that was just something so sweet to see.

    Oh – and I like Becca Ward on fencing…only because that is my sister’s name! 🙂

  • Ladybird August 21, 2008  

    I kept thinking that she reminded me of someone! You hit the nail on the head! She looks just like she could live in Who-ville! Too cute! I love her smile!

  • crosspointfitness August 21, 2008  

    I’m with Jenn. I LOVED seeing how Michael respected and appreciated his mother. And the fact of overcoming ADHD as a kid, being picked on, etc. and the graciousness he handles his new celebrity.
    But, my very favorites are the beach volleyball girls/women. I LOVE that they are sort of elderly as olympians go, but are still AMAZINGLY fit!

  • Giant Idiot August 21, 2008  

    Jenni I like Shawn as well but it is because she looks and acts like a 16 year old. Not like a 13 year old who is listed at 16.

    My favorite Olympian is coaching not playing and that is of course Coach Mike Krzyzewski. I love the passion and team concept he has put back into USA Basketball and it is showing on the court and at all the venues when you see the players showing up to support their fellow competitors.

  • 5th Street August 21, 2008  

    No question Jenny Finch!!

  • Giant Idiot August 21, 2008  

    Jenny Finch played for a losing team. I only support teams that win.

  • Jared Woodard August 21, 2008  

    Misty May Treanor. That woman is a POWERHOUSE when it comes to volleyball.

  • Becoming Me August 21, 2008  

    I too loved Shawn Johnson. I was also impressed with Nastia Liukin’s performances but was saddened that her father said that “Gold is the only color for our family.” But Shawn sparkled. I also loved the woman’s beach volley ball players.

  • Becoming Me August 21, 2008  

    Oh, I do not remember her name but the 36 year old who competed for Germany on the vault…WOW!!

  • ncarnes August 21, 2008  

    Other than being on the Phelps bandwagon, I am with Giant Idiot – My favorite is Coach K for the men’s basketball team. His basketball philosophy is evident in their play and success. He is a class act!

  • Dad August 22, 2008  

    How about the South African female ( I think) swimmer in open water. She lost her leg in a scooter accident a few years ago. She returned to swim in the Olympics with one leg. What strength and faith.

  • Pete Wilson August 22, 2008  

    I’m going with Dallhauser from the US men’s volleyball team!

  • Heidi August 22, 2008  

    Her spirit makes her an Olympian!!

  • Nicki Robins August 22, 2008  

    OH my gosh, I totally agree! Especially about the “Who” part! Matt and I have been saying that too, I swear! We love her around here. We call her Shawn John. My favorite by far.

  • Cindy Beall August 23, 2008  

    Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh.

    Actually, they are my second faves because I love Michael Phelps.

    But, that’s so cliche now, isn’t it?

  • annie August 24, 2008  

    Don’t forget about the FORTY ONE year old, Dara Torres, that missed the gold medal by .001 of a point!!! I love them all, but since I am closer to Dara’s age than the youngsters, I really appreciate how much she put into getting back to the Olympics. It gives me hope for my quest toward the games in 2012. The only sport I could possibly consider for myself would be trampolining or air rifle, but hey, a girl’s gotta dream.

  • sara August 29, 2008  

    Shawn is near where I live in Iowa, so of course I have to root for her. But EVERYONE who I’ve met that knows her says she really is that sweet and genuine and fun. I’ve heard the same of Dara Torres and it’s so lovely when the people who you root for turn out to be people you can admire!