What does it take to be a woman of influence?

β€œFor beautiful eyes, look for the good in others;

for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness;

and for poise, walk in the knowledge that

you are never alone..”


Heidi shared this quote on her blog yesterday and it got me thinking…


What are the characteristics displayed by a woman of influence?


Here are a few that make my list:

  • Good listener
  • Gracious
  • Passionately pursuing Christ
  • Present
  • Approachable

What would you add?

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  • Heidi August 27, 2008  

    I was just having a quiet time when this popped up in my emails.

    This morning I studied out the word poise:

    In the dictionary it says to be

    To hold

    How true is that in my life as a woman of faith in ministry or as a mom or wife.

    To be balanced in EVERYTHING that I do.

    To be READIED.. even in the midst of upcoming storms, have God’s words imploded in my heart and so applicable to what I am doing. Even in the calmness, be READIED to be able to share what God is doing in my life.

    To HOLD– To hold onto the promises that God gives me as a woman of God.

    Audrey knew the true secrets..

    Thanks again Jenni for posting this quote.

  • randi :) August 27, 2008  

    I don’t know what I’d add.. but I love that list πŸ™‚

  • fullofboys August 27, 2008  

    I love your list! I think I would add something like ‘not perfect’. I think as women there are these lines we feel we need to meet in order to be respected…yet sometimes what makes a woman influential is her ability to say I don’t know everything, sometimes I mess up and it is ok.

  • crosspointfitness August 27, 2008  

    As I pondered your list, it seems that the things listed mostly do not require words or praiseworthy acts. The only action I saw was in passionately pursuing Christ, the most important one. So, to me, a woman/mother/wife of influence is gentle and quiet, serving faithfully, patiently, and lovingly. Trusting God’s grace to bring her closer to that image every day.

  • Ladybird August 27, 2008  

    I think that a sense of humor is very important. Some of the most influencial people that I know have the ability to step outside a situation, give it a second look……and laugh at it. Laughter is sometimes the best medicine!

  • Jennifer Griffin August 27, 2008  

    -not a gossip
    -prays with others
    -is the same at home as she is at church
    -not afraid to admit when she’s wrong

    Good question

  • Heidi August 27, 2008  

    @ladybird– AMEN!!!

  • Christina Schmidt August 27, 2008  

    I think some major attributes of an admirable, influential woman would have to be that she’s driven, and authentic (which is what Jennifer hit on).

  • Jenni Catron August 27, 2008  

    @fullofboys – yes, so important and SOOO hard to do

  • brent(inWorship) August 27, 2008  

    Able to wear a pumpkin colored pants suit on national TV…


    Seriously though, A Godly confidence. Knowing who you are in God’s grace, power and giftings and boldly living that way.

  • tam August 27, 2008  

    a willingness to play 2nd chair.

  • Cindy Beall August 27, 2008  

    I would add her willingness to be vulnerable. It’s difficult talking to someone who seems to have it all together.

  • janowen August 27, 2008  

    – shares her life experiences, mistakes and resulting wisdom (goes along with the being vulnerable and REAL)
    – encourager
    – caring

  • Jenni Catron August 28, 2008  

    @brent – Ha!

    @tam – ooh, good one!

    @Cindy – I totally agree! I am really guilty of this because I feel like I need to look like I have it all together… a bit of my perfectionist/achiever nature.

  • Rindy Walton August 28, 2008  

    I love the list and all the added thoughts. My only add would be to place the emphasis on “influence” and not on “woman”. Yes, we are women, but too often that is more of the focus–either by limiting or by “an agenda”. All the things mentioned above are not only women—but people of influence. We can have incredible influence in all areas…and happen to be women doing it!!!

  • Heidi August 28, 2008  

    @ Rindy ……. whoa and WOW