Some Quiet Time

This evening my husband and I are headed to Arkansas to visit some friends for the weekend.  We’ll return Saturday night and then we are supposed to go to Florida for vacation from Sunday – Friday.  Still not sure what will be happening with that since Gustav wants to join us in the gulf as well.  Could make for an interesting vacation!

All that to say… I’m going to try to disconnect while I’m away.  I probably won’t be checking in much, so have a great week!

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  • Heidi August 28, 2008  

    SELAH !

    enjoy yourselves, I’ll be prayin for the storm to move it’s fanny back out!!!

  • tam August 28, 2008  

    i just took the biggest deepest breath and let out a ginormous sigh for you. i am so glad you are getting away and taking a break!

    have FUN!

  • Jenni Catron August 28, 2008  

    @tam – it’s kind of bad when my blog friends can feel how stressed I am, huh? Thanks!

  • crosspointfitness August 28, 2008  

    jenni, praying you guys have a wonderful time with NO hurricane! we will all miss you.

  • loridknerr August 29, 2008  

    I hope you guys can have fun, relax and just chill. You deserve it!!

    BTW, Gustav is now heading toward TX/West La so I think you will be OK in FL!!

  • Zulfikar Akbar August 29, 2008  

    Happy weekend, hopefully u n husband always in happy

  • Jessica August 30, 2008  

    I love you…Try and Relax.. a little ok!

    Me and the boys had a great few nights, I think Sammy is growing on Micky 🙂
    You should have seen our walks, So funny!

  • janowen August 31, 2008  

    Good for you Jenni. A good break will do wonders for you. Did you see the name of “possibly related posts” this one popped up? Why?!?

    Hope you are safe and well in between the two hurricanes.