Vacation Week – Guest Blogger Miranda Telford

Today’s guest blogger is Miranda… another gem of a post!  (I think I’m going to have to let these ladies take over for me more often!!)

I was thrilled when Jenni asked us to post on her blog this week. I hope I will provide some entertainment for her avid readers!

Some little nuggets about me:
*I am a proud Texan
*I am a loud extravert, but extremely nervous in social situations
*I am the lead singer of a 90’s Cover Band
*I love to decorate and create innovative art projects
*I am obsessed with coloring and changing my hair (should have been a hairdresser)

My husband Jason and I have lived in Nashville for three years now.  No kids yet, but we have a little miniature beagle named Charlie Brown who we often call our son!  I joined the Cross Point staff in June of 2007 as the Creative Arts Coordinator. I love telling people I meet that I help with the marketing elements of our church AND have a hand in the creative departments of music and production. I hope that I will be able to work at Cross Point for many years to come.

I have always been a creative person with a crazy imagination.  As a child I would change into different people, animals and random things.  Using my imagination took me to places that I would never be able to see in real life!

Children have a reoccurring theme of change. I experienced more as a child when my imagination ran wild.  My insecurities or barriers that keep me from taking chances did not hold me back. I love watching children because it takes me back to a time when joy overwhelmed my heart and each day was a day of discovery.  I could be a princess, a mom, a hunter, a cop, or a movie star!  I say that is living life to the fullest!

I have asked myself time and time again, “When do we transition into the stage of life when imagination seems lost?”

I babysat a two year old name Harrison my senior year of high school.  We would sit in his bed that was shaped like a boat and pretend we were fishing.  We could cast out our pretend rods and nets and because I had a hard time picturing all the fish swimming around in the sea (carpet), I would ask Harrison, “I see one, what color is it?”  His favorite response was, “It’s a rainbow fish!”

One day Harrison put the imaginary fish in my hand.  He kept saying, “Do you see it Randa?  Can you pet it?”  I looked down at my hand and nothing was there. I wanted to be a child again. I cherished his innocence and I was envious of his gift.

I believe if we still used our imaginations as much as we did as children then our dreams might be easier to obtain.  I come to this crossroad often, especially now that I am privileged to work in the Creative Arts Department at Cross Point.  Am I willing to take a chance when a vision is born?  Will I let my guard down and run wild with a beautiful idea of what God could do in our community?

I am committed to working on living a life of wonder, beauty and simplicity.

Nichole Nordeman’s music has played a fundamental role in my life.  Her music allows me to experience moments of innocence regained.

I will conclude with the words to one of her songs, Help me Believe:

Take me back to a time when I was maybe eight or nine, and I believed
When Jesus walked on waters blue, and if he helped me I could too, if I believed
Before rational analysis and systematic thinking robbed me of a sweet simplicity
When wonders and when mysteries were far less often silly dreams
and childhood fantasies
Help me believe cause I don’t want to miss any miracles
Maybe I’d see much better by closing my eyes
And I would shed this grow-up skin I’m in and touch an angel’s wing
And I would be free, help me believe

Lord, help me believe.

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  • September 5, 2008  

    You had me at “lead singer of a 90’s Cover Band”. Love this post. I stuggle with my creativity/imagination all of the time. I want to have BIG CRAZY faith which I think goes hand in hand with imagination…beliving the unseen.

  • Jessica September 5, 2008  

    Great post Girl, I need to practice this more! Whats crazy is in my heart I want to let go and be crazy beautiful, but my out side holds me back with fear of what others will think… also something I sometimes dont care about so why do I in this situation

  • Christina Schmidt September 5, 2008  

    A loud extrovert that’s nervous in social situations??? Is that possible? 😉 I do come from a long line of loud extroverts, so I’m right there with ya on that one!
    I don’t think I’ve had much of an imagination since I hit my teen years, wish I did, but I’ve always held more realistic expectations. I wouldn’t say my parents hindered my imagination…or maybe they did, my mother, especially, would bring things back into perspective, if I was telling her my wishes and dreams! I guess I gotta work on that one! GREAT post!
    By the way, you have an AMAZING voice! I karaoke, but, sadly, sound NOWHERE near as good as you! LOL

  • tam September 5, 2008  

    yah judi – she had me at 90’s cover band lead singer too!

    gotta ask first – whats your favorite 90’s song to sing?

    “I believe if we still used our imaginations as much as we did as children then our dreams might be easier to obtain”

    i agree. because we wouldnt fear anything. and if we failed, we’d get up and try again.

  • Miranda September 5, 2008  

    @tam, “Mother, Mother” by Traci Bonham!

    Thanks for all the great comments, this has been a fun adventure!

  • Lisa September 6, 2008  


    I think your hair looks fabulous no matter the color or the style, you lucky lady! And should you ever decide to add that job to your long list of talents, please let me know. Maybe you can save me at least a little $! Your talent amazes me; what amazes me more is your beautiful smile and sweet personality (and patience!) that accompanies everything you do! Your life is an amazaing testimony to the Lord, and we are blessed to have you at CPCC. Don’t ever let that creativity die; don’t ever feel like you’re too old to be imaginative and creative! Keep that ‘childlike’ imagination and creativity and the Lord will keep on using you in mighty ways!

    Love ya, gf!

  • brandiandboys September 6, 2008  

    great post, miranda. i love seeing life lived through my kids’ creative imagination. thank for the reminder of what a gift that is.