My New Obsession

TENNIS!  (you thought I was going to say Roger, didn’t you?)

I’ve developed a true love for this sport!  I’ve been a casual fan for years, ever since I played one year of high school tennis.  I had never picked up a racket, but my best friend convinced me to join the team and so I gave it a shot.  Admittedly, I think I kind of liked the idea of a sport I could play in a skirt! 🙂

A couple of months ago I decided I wanted to get serious about really learning to play so I asked a dear friend for some recommendations on taking lessons.  The next thing I know I’m hooked up with one of the best pros in Nashville and taking lessons nearly every Saturday!  (Dear Friend, you know who you are… thank you!)

So now that I’m learning the fundamentals and getting some game, I’ve found that I’m becoming the sports fanatic in our house (and those of you that know my husband know that this is no small thing!)  I’ve been glued to the US Open for the last couple of weeks and enjoyed watching the men’s final tonight between Roger Federer and Andy Murray.  So happy about the win for Federer, but honestly I was hoping for a bit livelier match.

The official season may be ending, but watch out – I’ll still be hitting the courts!

What’s your sports obsession?

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  • David Grisham September 9, 2008  

    I would suggest a doubles match w/ you guys but sounds like you’re quickly passing our level.

    I love pick-up games! Not crazy about organized leagues…but love some pick-up no matter the sport.

    and that final US Open round was lame…glad I didn’t watch it.

  • janowen September 9, 2008  

    Alabama Football….hands down. I’m a freak!

  • Tommy Sircy September 9, 2008  

    Armchair Quarterbacking.

  • maji6 September 9, 2008  

    I was sad for the Brit
    I wish he’d shown more grit,
    Like he did with nadal,
    when he blew him of the court
    truly that was a magnificent day.
    But Hey,
    Tommorrow is another day.

    Let the Battles begin again.

    Another Tennis fan.


  • maji6 September 9, 2008  

    (btw Jenni you should just admit to having a bit of a crush on Federer n perhaps NAdal..Tennis Fan my foot..Tennis Player Fan!!)


  • September 9, 2008  

    Broncos Football!!

  • Jennifer Griffin September 9, 2008  

    During the Olympics…swimming!! I enjoy watching football when we can watch…no cable.

    Is cornhole a sport?

  • mandythompson September 9, 2008  


    um… does typing count???

  • Ladybird September 9, 2008  

    I know that it sounds so 1970-ish, but I love to bowl. I have my own ball, bag and shoes. I have bowled on a couple of leagues and had alot of fun. I know that makes me sound like a complete dork……but I am actually pretty good when I practice on a regular basis.

  • Pete Wilson September 9, 2008  

    Does fly fishing count as a sport?

  • brunettekoala September 9, 2008  

    I’m sad for Andy Murray…was hoping for a Scottish win…(yes, I’m totally biased being Scottish myself!!)

    My obsession was dance, but in Australia last year I got bit by the surfing bug. Just don’t get much chance to do it now I’m back in Scotland…

  • Heidi September 9, 2008  

    NFL football…… I love it


    Sand Volleyball!!! (hey I live in San Diego!!)

  • brewster September 9, 2008  

    Jackie and I watch tennis EVERY time it is on. I LOVE tennis. Played in hs, and also taught clinics for kids in the summer. I tried to teach jackie, but we lost all the balls over the fence. Maybe it is time to revisit those lessons. My son who is 6 is wanting to start taking lessons.

    Lets get some mixed dbs going! Murray had NO chance in his first final against ROG he great.

    HOWEVER, hoops is the game of choice in the casa de brew. That and some football. only tennis makes it a date night though.

  • Jenni Catron September 9, 2008  

    I’m impressed by the variety of sports options. I was a little afraid that I was only gonna hear about football since “tis the season” for all things that sport!

    @davidgrisham – let’s play doubles!

    @mandythompson – we’ll give you typing… let’s see if you can get that in the next olympics

    @ladybird – bowling.. FUN! I love that you have all the gear. 🙂

    @brewster – I’m afraid you would smoke me in tennis!

  • ncarnes September 11, 2008  

    My sport obsession to play is Basketball
    My sport obsession to watch is Football

  • Dad September 11, 2008  

    Has to be Green Bay Packers Football.
    Still enjoy a good game of basketball, just can’t get up and down the court like I used to.
    But I have really enjoyed golf this year, more than ever. It helps when your girlfriend can beat you. Makes me work harder at the game. Never have liked getting beat by a girl.

    Love Dad