Friday Fun – Time for Some Answers

For this week’s Friday Fun I thought I would answer some of the questions you asked about me yesterday.  So here we go…

#1 – Tam asked:

what has been your greatest accomplishment so far?  [and how tall are you?]

I would say that being married to my amazing husband for almost 10 years is my greatest accomplishment so far.  [I’m 5’4″ 🙂 ]

#2 – Aaron asked:

how did you end up in your role as Executive Director at Cross Point?

I’ll try to keep this brief… my husband and I were a part of the original team that helped launch Cross Point so we have been here since the beginning of the church.  I was rocking the Christian music business and truly expected to be running a record label one day.  I just got to a season where I was restless with my job for no good reasons and felt like God was calling me to something different.  Pete had dropped a few hints that if I ever changed jobs to talk to him, so although I didn’t see an obvious fit I took him to lunch one day to let him know I was actively looking for a new job.  That turned into about 6 months of discussions and a job that I absolutely love!

#3 – Randi asked:

how about ‘day in the life of’… meaning what’s your everyday schedule look like? 🙂

Hmmm… everyday has a little bit different twist, but here’s an average Mon-Thur:

6:00 AM – wake-up and do 2.5 mile run

6:45 AM – shower

7:00-7:30 AM – breakfast & quiet time

7:30-8:15 AM – finish getting ready for work

8:30 – 5:30 PM – usually a series of meetings, most with CP staff, some with CP volunteers, some with other church leaders and I try to carve out an hour or two to actually work on my “to do” list which right now includes things like planning/scouting new campus locations, budgets, performance plans, a women’s event, etc.

Evenings – usually 2-3 of my evenings each week are committed to things like our new members class, women’s event planning meeting, attending youth group, etc.  I try to be home at least one night a week to work-out or play tennis with my husband and make dinner (a rare treat).

Fridays & Saturdays are catch up days.  Lots of errands, lunches with friends, and golf or tennis with my husband.

#4 – Jan Owen asked:

what’s a dream for the future God has percolating in your heart?

Oh, this is a tough one… I’m in a season where I’m really trying to define God’s dreams versus my selfish desires.  My passion is to teach, train, inspire, mentor other leaders, especially women and I’m working out exactly what the specifics of this look like.  I don’t mean to be vague.  I’m still seeking the specifics of this.

#5 – FullofBoys asked:

I want to know what your workout routine is….you are always so fit! 🙂

First of all, thanks!  Here’s a quick run-down:

Sunday – off

Monday – 2.5 mile run

Tuesday – off unless my evening is free and then I’ll do a 5 mile “bonus” walk or play tennis with Merlyn

Wednesday – 2.5 mile run

Thursday – weight training (varies each week, but usually an upper body routine)

Friday – long run  5+miles

Saturday – tennis lesson

Thanks for the great questions.  I’ll answer more soon!

Now it’s your turn!  Pick one of the 5 questions from above and answer it for us!

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  • tam September 12, 2008  

    yes! that IS a great accomplishment. and congrats on 10 years…awesome!

    i’ll take q#4…”what’s a dream for the future God has percolating in your heart?”

    finishing my book has been a dream for years (yes, years =o ) but im also beginning to sense, ever since Brent and I threw ourselves and our family out before God to move, shake, and send us, that i am to have a ministry with women…beyond my on-line “ministry”. and i would have never, ever thought this. ever!!!

  • Andy Depuy September 12, 2008  

    I will answer #1 I have been married to my second wife for 8 years and it was a total God thing and I am 5’6″

  • Jenni Catron September 12, 2008  

    @Tam – I’m so excited for what God has in store for you. I can’t wait for more about the book and the ministry with women. I want to help however I can!!!

    @Andy – congrats on 8 years!

  • Heidi September 12, 2008  

    what’s a dream for the future God has percolating in your heart?

    To be a confident woman in leadership,and being able to mentor other women with confidence.
    Finish the writings that God has put in my heart for a devotional book and also a six week bible study that I am writing.