• jan owen September 25, 2008  

    all the time. It’s taken me years to really “see” myself. AFter taking the Meyers-Briggs test I realized I have a very rare personality type – that may be why I felt confused. But I also lived in a world that did not encourage me to use my primary giftings either. So I felt guilty about them, or unsure, or both. I was buried under the false guilt that comes from the laws of man. I was also buried under my own perfectionistic tendencies that would not allow me to say or recognize that I was good at anything. Nothing I did was ever good enough so I was actually blinded to my own gifts and abilities. I’m learning.

  • juliepersinger September 25, 2008  

    I think I was more comfortable just being me in my 20’s than I am in my 30’s, which seems a bit backward. But yes, I ask myself those questions all the time.

  • brandiandboys September 25, 2008  

    i agree with julie.. i’m more comfortable with me now… but still ask those questions and get frustrated when i don’t have good answers!

  • Rindy Walton September 25, 2008  

    All the time! The cool thing for me is that I’m actually asking myself, and not asking others who I am!

  • tabitha September 25, 2008  

    I ask myself those questions quite often. I’m slowly getting answers but am still quite far from knowing who I really am.

  • Jenni Catron September 25, 2008  

    @Rindy – great point! That’s half the problem… we let others define us too often!

  • waswrittenin September 25, 2008  

    I think that I ask that every day at least once.

  • lisa gardiner September 25, 2008  

    Constantly, I pray for God to reveal who I am in him…because he made me and he knows the true me better than anyone.

  • Heidi September 26, 2008  

    I love that God is slowly peeling the layers away.. I love the way things are turning out to be.

  • tam September 26, 2008  

    “Ever ask yourself these questions?”

    not on purpose. 😉

    hmmm…i think i am better defined now than ever before. i am more confident in who i am in Him. but i still struggle all too often with doubts and second guesses.

    shoot. then maybe im not as confident as i thought.

  • Rachel Rowell September 26, 2008  

    yep, all the time. Especially since I have two little ones now. Easy to forget who the heck I am.