I’m a Bit Proud

… of the amazing people of Cross Point!

This afternoon I went out to the Habitat for Humanity work site where nearly 300 Cross Point Nashville attendees are serving this weekend.  Each time we do a community project like this I’m just in awe of our community.  These individuals gave their entire Saturday today to serve families who desperately need some help getting on their feet.  It was really sweet to watch our team work alongside the people who will move into these homes in just a few short weeks.

Here are a few pics from the day:

One really special highlight was meeting a precious women named Dorothy.  Dorothy lives in Dickson, TN and our Cross Point Dickson campus will be building a Habitat home for her on November 8th.  As part of the Habitat program Dorothy has to commit a certain number of hours volunteering on work sites, so she is in Nashville this weekend serving.  When she heard that we were from Cross Point she was so excited to meet us because she knew we are sponsoring her home in Dickson!  So cool how God works, huh?

Here’s Dorothy with Ryan Bult, Cross Point Missions Director who coordinated our efforts with Habitat this weekend! (Thanks Ryan!!)

Thank you to each of you who are serving this weekend!  Thank you for being the love of Christ to our community!

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  • Ron Edmondson September 27, 2008  

    This is something we hope to do this next Spring as a church. We really are following in your path more than I realized. Thanks for leading the way!

  • Pete Wilson September 27, 2008  

    Way to go Ryan and team! I love seeing the church being the church.

  • melissa1970 September 27, 2008  

    I met Dorothy today and she was absolutely the highlight. What a precious and gracious woman she is. She really blessed me with her sweet spirit and her excitement today.

  • Derek Murphy September 27, 2008  

    What a great day!! I am continually amazed at the commitment of Cross Point volunteers. I love doing these project and getting to know new friends and faces in the Cross Point community. Habitat is an incredible opportunity to carry out the Great Commission. There were at least 10 other churches out at the Habitat community today representing God. WOW!! An incredible sight. Besides getting shaked and baked by the sun today, this build was an great success. Anyone got some aloe?


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  • OCD-ism/Obsessive Christian Disorder September 27, 2008  


    I LOVE our church…… 🙂

  • Jeff Henderson September 28, 2008  

    This is so cool. Way to go Cross Point!!


  • angiebledsoe September 30, 2008  

    Wow! That’s awesome – I agree with Pastor Pete that it’s a beautiful thing to see the “church being the church”…keep it up. It’s an encouragement to like-minded churches around the country to dig in and get our hands dirty in the community. Thanks for sharing the pics, too. Peace to you all.