Crushes, Pranks, Hormones & Phones

I went to CHARGE United tonight.  CHARGE is Cross Point’s student ministry and CHARGE United (which is the first Wednesday night of the month) is our big night where students from both our Dickson and Nashville campuses come together.

George and his team are doing a great job of building and developing the student ministry at Cross Point.  They are so passionate about helping these students develop into fully devoted followers of Christ… and yet have some fun along the way!

I love watching student dynamics.  There is such a range of things going on between 6th & 12th grade.  It really brings back some horrific memories, but as I looked around that room during worship I found myself praying for each of these precious kids.  They have so much ahead of them.

So many choices.

So many hurts.

So many joys.

So many crushes.

So many heartaches.

So many hopes.

So many dreams.

I’m anxious for them.  I want them to realize and experience God’s best for their lives.

And then I couldn’t help but laugh (inwardly) at the crazy things going on.  The swarm of girls surrounding the obvious “heart throb” of the bunch.  The quiet middle school girls huddled in the corner.  The bratty middle school boys playing stupid pranks on each other.  Cell phones EVERYWHERE!

Makes we wonder what I miss most about that era?  How about you?  Anything you miss about middle school or high school?

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  • holly October 1, 2008  

    Oh! I love that age group – teenagers have a special place in my heart (I’m a former high school teacher). I miss their drama, their outlook on life, their turmoil, and mostly, their ignorance of the real world (quite a bubble they live in). I know some of that sounds mean, but I don’t mean it to be – I really loved spending time with them – out of control hormones and everything.

  • tam October 1, 2008  

    i miss leaving my high schools open campus at lunch time, going to the beach, grabbing lunch at the snack shack and watching our boyfriends surf. too fun! great memories, but has nothing to do with school.

  • Rindy Walton October 2, 2008  

    As a mom of 3 teen guys—I think I’m still in the middle of it!! 😉

  • brandiandboys October 2, 2008  

    i LOVED high school! seriously, would probably relive it if i could, so much fun! i loved the social aspect, hitting function after function and flittering around like a butterfly talking to absolutely everyone there! does that scream extrovert?

  • SIMPLICITY! No cell phones….. those were the “good ole days”… 🙂

  • October 2, 2008  

    We are with this age group every Wednesday and it is the HIGHLIGHT OF MY WEEK! The sheer energy and joy is what I love. I get to laugh my guts out on a weekly basis – it’s amazing!

  • Jenni Catron October 2, 2008  

    I admire those of you (@holly and @judifree) who enjoy this age group. They really kind of freak me out!

    @tam – I wish I had went to your high school!

    @brandiandboys – I wish I had been as confident in high school as you were… there was nothing extroverted about me in those days!

  • Jennifer October 3, 2008  

    I loved school for the most part. I went to Nashville Christian from kindergarden to 12th grade. Lots of memories. I also thought I owned the school and so did half of my class. I even remember people getting to school 30 min. early just so we could hang out in the cafeteria before school even started.

    I have really been thinking about starting to get involved with Charge lately. I really do love that age group, but do feel oddly intimated by them which is totally weird for me. I think the make me feel old and outdated. Which I am not but they look at me like I am am, which, in turn makes me fell that way ?!:)

  • Kelli October 6, 2008  

    I was so busy trying to be popular that I didn’t realize so many people respected me so much that they didn’t invite me to their parties where they drank, and did other things. I would sulk at home instead of finding an outlet with other Christian teens. I think its amazing how many avenues there are for Christian teenagers to fellowship and gain strength and accountability these days.