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Today’s Baggage: Taming the Tongue

This message was really powerful for me today because I usually pride myself in refraining for speaking out before thinking.  (Um… notice that I said “PRIDE myself”… yeah one of the other baggage issues… ugghh!)  Anyway, although my words may be fewer than some, when I do unload it can be pretty painful.

Here are a few scriptures for you to look at and some key points from Pete‘s message today:

  • We all have a weapon which can be life or death of the soul – our mouth.
  • Proverbs 18:21
  • James 3:2-8
  • Matthew 12:34
  • It’s not a mouth problem, it’s a heart problem.  Whatever is going on in my heart is eventually going to come out of my mouth.
  • God has designed the human soul in such a way that your words will either destroy or build up one another.
  • No matter how well put together someone looks, they need healing.
  • Your words can bring healing to another person if you use them wisely.

We ended today’s message with John Mayer’s song “Say.”  Powerful!


What do the people in your life need to hear you say?  SAY IT! And then tell us about it.

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  • Nick October 12, 2008  

    It’s not a mouth problem, it’s a heart problem. Whatever is going on in my heart is eventually going to come out of my mouth.

    This is so true, and it is especially dangerous to “say” things on your blog when your heart is not right, because it is easy for it to get lost and forgotten about in the archives of your blog, but that does not mean others will not find it…only to attribute your “heart problem” to your current heart condition. I had that happen to me a couple of weeks ago! When I read over some of my words, I had to acknowledge based on my words that at the time I wrote them I had a heart problem that produced critical words. It was a very humbling experience, but in the end a very positive one as well!

  • SUPER powerful message….. really hit home, as I run my mouth WAY too much and don’t even use my BRAIN to go along w/it!!!

  • Christina Schmidt October 13, 2008  

    This message hit home for me too…I have a rather BIG mouth, and it gets me in trouble FAR too often, it’s out of control! I’ve been reading How to Win Friends and Influence People, and it’s teaching me to look at other people’s points of view before saying or doing anything, which I’m learning is crucial, just really never thought of it like that before!