Just Random…

I was contemplating present day slang this morning… I know really random, but this gives you an idea of where my crazy mind goes when I’m bored with blow drying my hair. 🙂

“I’m just sayin'”


“That’s how I roll”

These are just a few of the sayings that I hear a lot lately.

What would you add?  Do you use these phrases where you are from?

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  • Cindy Beall October 13, 2008  

    I do use “I’m just sayin'” rather regularly.

    Would you believe I even wrote a post about it? http://cindybeall.com/?p=332

    I know, dork, right?

  • Hollie October 13, 2008  

    Someone told me yesterday that my shirt was “tight” I looked at them funny and they were like….”you know like in a good way- cute shirt! Thought I’d share:)

  • Travis Thompson October 13, 2008  

    “that’s all i got”

    “is that how you’re comin’ at me”

  • Jared Woodard October 13, 2008  

    Ive heard them all used in unison “Thats how I roll, Serioursly…..Im just saying.”

  • brandiandboys October 13, 2008  

    my kids will say… “you’re going down.” not sure if that is kid talk or slang!

  • holly October 13, 2008  

    Alex has picked up “seriously!” this year at school. It’s quite funny – she probably uses it at least 5 times day usually in the context of “mom, seriously…!”
    Too funny!

  • amabry October 13, 2008  

    “bring it. . .”

  • jan owen October 13, 2008  

    i say “seriously” – alot.

  • Jenni Catron October 13, 2008  

    @Cindy – Ha! I forgot that you posted about “I’m just sayin'”

    @Hollie – was it a guy that told you your shirt was “tight”??

    @Travis – those are some new ones for me

    I confess that “seriously” has become my expression of choice these days!

  • tam October 14, 2008  


    im always saying that.

  • kim October 14, 2008  

    there’s the whole ‘I’m gettin’ my _____ on’ thing.

    Possibly started by ‘gettin’ my groove on’ and now expanded to things like ‘gettin’ my chocolate on’.

    just sayin’. 🙂

  • OH MY….I use WAY too many slang langs….. (oops, I just did it again) (and AGAIN, britney!!) hahahhaa… see!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I live w/TWO TEENS, I can’t help it….they certainly bring out the worst in me…especially when I start listening to hiphop…(I LOVE 50 cent and Soulja boy)… yeah, I know…. my kids are ALWAYS saying … “MOM, don’t EVER say (or do) that again!!” Especially when I do the “WOOP WOOP” w/my hands….. yeah, not good.