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I rediscovered a little passion of mine this week…

I’ve always been really interested in helping creative artists find a way to use their artistry.  I get really frustrated when creatively talented people are not using their gifts.  In my music business days, I was helping musicians make a living with their art.  Now in my church staff days, I get really excited about finding ways to incorporate the talents of artists within the church.  From musicians to painters to photographers to graphic designers and videographers, I love finding a way to help them explore and develop their gifts.

Thursday night at Chicks & Chocolate we showcased the artwork and photography of several Cross Point women.  It was breathtaking to watch our gymnasium turn into this beautiful, cozy setting as we displayed their beautiful talents!

I wish I had pics of all the art.  There were so many wonderful pieces.  Here are just a few pics.

Photos courtesy of one of our featured photographers Mandy Rowland

Our featured artists included:

Lisa Gardiner

Judy Klich

Falguni Patel

Mandy Rowland

Hannah Schoepke

Charla Steele

Lisa Syler

Thank you ladies for sharing your gifts with us!  You’re amazing!

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  • ash October 22, 2008  

    Seeing all of the amazing art was one of my favorite parts of the evening…a detail of our planning that I thought would be more in the background and didn’t even realize would end up being a highlight! I’m in awe of the creative process and of the incredible talents that these ladies have AND use!

  • Marla Saunders October 23, 2008  

    What a wonderful idea! I’d love to do that here somehow. I’m going to ponder that…

    Wish I could have seen it!

    There’s something in the air in Nashville. It just breeds creativity. My daughter fell totally in love with the area. Her sole goal in life now is to earn a way back there!