Connecting with other like-minded individuals is a rare treasure.  Recently I had the privilege to meet a rare treasure – Sherry Surratt.  I met Sherry at the Multi-Site Exposed Conference at SeaCoast Church last month and immediately knew I had found a potential friend and mentor.

We recently had a great conversation about women in leadership and specifically my role as an Executive Director.  You can check out what we talked about at Sherry’s blog “Women Who Lead”.

Go get to know her, she’s amazing!

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  • melissa1970 October 24, 2008  

    Great interview. And I’m glad you have found another treasure!

  • mandy October 24, 2008  

    i agree w/ melissa, great interview jenni. you do an amazing job for our church!! 🙂

  • holly October 24, 2008  

    Great interview! I guess I never stopped to realize what it is that you actually do – I just knew that you were good at it! I never stopped to think about the potential hazards of being a female in a leadership role in a church…all I can say is that you amaze me and God has definitely gifted you in this area – you are a wonderful example to all who meet you! Way to go!