Sunday Highlights

We kicked off Dream Job today at Cross Point Nashville and Pete kicked our tails about where we find our identity.  

Here are some notes:
Ecclesiastes 5:18


Two Barriers to Identity:

I Samuel 17:28-33

1) Your family

2) Significant others with authority and experience 

In looking at this story of David you can see how his family and Saul tried to tell him who he was but David knew who he was and stayed true to that.

3 Postures towards our Identity:
1) Ladder Climber – need approval to feel good, believe mistakes equal failure, workaholics, compare themselves to others, low self-esteem, high performance, tend to be jealous, often viewed as prideful, arrogant, or over-confident, can be destructive because they only seem themselves rather than the team

2) Doormat Embracers – say “yes” when they mean “no”, “keep the peace”, become a slave to the systems and people around them

3) Position based – find their identity in who God has made them to be 

The bottom line of today’s message was about finding our identity in being rather than doing, being who God has made me to be rather than trying to find my worth in what I do.

Ummm, yeah I needed to hear it… AGAIN!

So, which one of these postures best describes where you are today?  For me, it’s the ladder climber… hate it, but it’s true.


I’m off to the Dickson campus picnic – I’ll share pictures soon!

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  • Heidi October 26, 2008  

    Unfortunately I am doormat embracer still.
    I am working on this harder than anything else.

  • bahava October 26, 2008  

    Ladder climber… :S I’m excited to listen to this message later this week! This post definitely makes me want to go listen now!

  • Marla Saunders October 26, 2008  

    I’m with bahava. I want to listen to this message.

    I resonated to the barriers to identity: family, and others with authority.

    “Hi, I’m Marla, and I’m a doormat.”

    Might as well have it on the front door of my house. At least as far as my family is concerned!

  • Janice October 27, 2008  

    I will definitely listen to Pete’s message on this. Unfortunately, the majority of my life has been as the “doormat embracer”–always trying to keep the peace (which BTW didn’t work very well). However, as I have matured, AKA gotten old, I’m becoming more position based. Now that’s real peace!

  • mandythompson October 27, 2008  


    needed to read this today.


  • rulookingforjesus October 27, 2008  

    Like what you do here keep up the good work.

    Grace and Peace,

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