In Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster says that:

“Of all people, we (Christ-followers) should be the most free, alive, interesting.”

I absolutely love this statement and believe it with all my heart, but here’s my question:

HOW?  How do we be the most free, alive and interesting?  What do you think?

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  • juliepersinger October 31, 2008  

    I think one of the first steps is to ask the Holy Spirit to free us from fear, which is usually what hinders us from being free, alive and interesting. We have to surrender to being totally captive to God in order to really experience the freedom He offers.

  • Pete Wilson October 31, 2008  

    Love this quote. I think we express these things by embracing the truths of the Gospel.

    For instance…Our freedom comes through embracing salvation and the promise that “we are not who we used to be”. We have Christ living inside of us and we are no longer slaves to sin!

  • brewster November 2, 2008  


    Here is my thought on this. i think on some level everyone has things that put them in bondage. Some peoples burdens are heavy than other, but there are things that try to keep us locked in bondage.

    Freedom is embracing grace and conquering the condemnation and guilt that comes with our “stuff”.

    We become interesting when we have so much victory over these things that we can share our victory with others and use the things that are meant to be negative as positives.

    We become Alive when we start helping people overcome their stuff and see them get a piece of the previously mentioned Freedom. its a cycle. A good cycle.

    again, just my thoughts.