Rebecca St. James recently released her new book Pure – a 90-Day Devotional for the Mind, the Body & the Spirit.

I was excited to share this book with you because unlike some books that I might review or endorse, I know this precious, Godly women personally and I can assure you that this book is an overflow of her heart and passion to live a pure, God-honoring life.

During my days at ForeFront Records, I had the privilege to work on the marketing and sales promotion of Rebecca’s music.  Additionally I traveled to various cities with her assisting with promotional events and concerts.  Those trips to more were less like work and more like journeys with a friend.

While purity, especially sexual purity,  has been a subject that Rebecca has long been known for I love that this book speaks to purity of heart affecting mind, body and spirit.  This devotional is broken into 90 quick, short, daily reads which make it possible to stick to a 90-day reading commitment.  Rebecca makes good use of personal stories that make you feel a part of the journey with her.  Each devotional begins with a scripture reference followed by a “reflection” section where Rebecca shares personal stories and application.  The “Living it Out” section asks questions and gives suggestions for application of the subject for the day.

If I missed anything in this book, it would be additional space for responding to the “Living it Out” suggestions.  This could easily be a devotional journal.  I would suggest using a journal alongside it as you study to help you reflect and apply.

This book would be a great Christmas gift for the young women in your life.  Put it on your Christmas lists or go buy it HERE!

BONUS – I’m giving a copy away.  Respond in the comments and I’ll enter your name into the drawing!

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  • randi :) November 1, 2008  

    would love to check that book out! thanks for the promo

  • Anita November 1, 2008  

    Neat! My daughter and single friend really like Rebecca, so I will have to buy one less book if I win! Thanks for the info.

  • Andy Depuy November 1, 2008  

    Sounds like a great book,even for us guys

  • Christina Schmidt November 1, 2008  

    Looks like a good read! Please throw my name in the drawing!

  • Jessica Turner November 1, 2008  

    I love a good giveaway. 🙂

  • Melissa November 1, 2008  

    Yay. Include me.

  • Steph November 1, 2008  

    I’d love a devotional that pushed me to pursue purity! 🙂

  • Rindy Walton November 1, 2008  

    Perfect gift for my 18 yr old son’s girlfriend! Enter me in the drawing please!

  • I am ALL OVER THIS!!! I’ve always loved her and IF I win it, I’m giving it to Kyla…. 🙂

    (I’ll buy my own copy– LOVE to support the cause!)


  • jan owen November 1, 2008  

    thanks Jenni!

  • Heidi November 1, 2008  

    This would be a perfect book for 17 year old.

  • janie November 1, 2008  

    Great idea! Thanks Jenni!

  • Deanna November 1, 2008  

    I agree with Heidi this would be a great book for a 17yr old……I just happen to have one of those!

  • bahava November 1, 2008  

    Sounds like an interesting read! 🙂

  • Jamie Willow November 1, 2008  

    so if you know Rebecca any chance you know a girl who used to travel with her and do merch. her name was CK or Cherie Kay (sp?). I recently found her and she is living here in nashville. anyhow, she used to travel with her so I wondered! ?

  • tam November 2, 2008  

    definitely want to go through this with my daughter!

  • Lisa Syler November 2, 2008  

    please enter me in this drawing. I love RSJ!

  • mandy November 2, 2008  

    love new devotionals!! 🙂 i am reading a women of faith devotional right now called, Managing Your Moods. its been really good. maybe i will pick this one up when i am finished managing my mood. 🙂


  • Jenn November 3, 2008  

    I would love this…enter me in! 🙂

  • Angie November 3, 2008  

    Would love to read this book and commit to the 90-day study.

  • Carrie G. November 4, 2008  

    I’m currently involved in a middle school girl’s group of 3 girls (one of them my daughter) and the moms going thru Rebecca’s study, SHE. I’ve heard of her new devotional and would love to check it out. Just finished another read thru 40 days of purpose, so timing is great for me. Throw my name in pot, please.