Sunday Highlights

I spent my morning at CP Dickson today.  It was the launch of Dream Job at this campus so I got to enjoy again this hilarious video of Pete trying to be a weatherman and another dose of “Identity”.  Being the ladder climber I am I probably needed to hear this again. 🙂


Tonight I’ll catch back up at Cross Point Nashville with a message about “Purpose”.  I’m sure this one will be a doosie too!

And for a fun twist, I’ll be joining Melissa right after the service to see Sara Bareilles in concert!  Woohoo!

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  • tam November 2, 2008  

    sounds like a perfect day!

  • Rachel Rowell November 2, 2008  

    oh I’m jealous. i LOVE her.

  • Whitney November 3, 2008  

    I’m so jealous you went to the Sara Bareilles show! I wanted to sooooo bad but had plans to see Avenue Q already! I bet she did an amazing job!

  • waswrittenin November 3, 2008  

    I am so completely jealous that you got to see Sara B. So jealous that I probably should pray about it right now.

  • Jeff Goins November 4, 2008  

    Lucky (a la Napoleon)… How was Sara Bareilles?

  • Jenni Catron November 4, 2008  

    @Jeff – Sara was AMAZING! Great show, great artistry, great songs!