Life Lessons from a 3 Year Old

My friend’s (almost) 3 year old little girl asked me an interesting question the other day:

“Are you happy or rude?”

Hmmm… wasn’t prepared for that?

Did she say “happy or rude”?

I was prepared for “happy or sad”, or “if you’re happy and you know it”… typical 3 year old connections to the word happy, but… “happy or rude”?Β  That’s a new one.

I think she’s on to something…

If I’m not happy, sad is not always the alternative emotion.

And when I’m not happy I often take it out on the people around me… which come to think of it, pretty much means RUDE.

A very appropriate definition from Webster’s defines Rude as: “offensive in manner or action”

So, I think I learned something from miss smarty pants 3 year old.

So how about you, are you “Happy” or “Rude” today?

What life lessons have you recently learned from the little people in your life?

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  • Heidi November 12, 2008  

    WOW… Happy or rude?? People have told me that I glare. Usually, when they stop me and ask, I respond that I was deep in a daydream or thought.
    I guess I can be rude.

    I have 3 kids so I have many stories… But the biggest lesson I learned lately came from Ian. He was 4 and he was in my office waiting and his mom was telling him how to tie his shoes.
    “You do the bunny ears and loop….” He got very frustrated and looked down at my ALWAYS untied shoes and said,

    “hey she doesn’t tie hers!!” (a rude glare abrupted)

    I guess I need to live as an example for all bunny ear and loop lessons.

  • jan owen November 12, 2008  

    yeah, kids will make you think – and refine you as well! I feel pretty happy today….hopefully i will resist the urge to be rude!

  • Melissa November 12, 2008  

    3-year olds are the smartest people in the world. Asher reminds me this everyday.

    By the way, I’m happy today!

  • Christina Schmidt November 12, 2008  

    Usually, I’m pretty happy! As far as little people, they don’t like me, so I’m not usually around them much. But, when I am around them, I am amazed at the purity of their hearts. They just want to love EVERYONE!

  • Eve Annunziato November 12, 2008  

    This is great. It reminds me of a story that happened this week at our house – a place where we’re always learning from our kids:

    The other day, while playing “Candy Land” Oharah said to us, “I need to win, so I don’t get sad!” Charlie’s response, “But, then If I don’t win, I’ll get sad!” Oharah then said with conviction, “No, adults don’t ever get sad!” Ah, the innocence of a 4 year old! We thought about explaining reality to our daughter in order to teach her a life lesson. But, then we opted to let her believe that for a little while longer – after all; it will be too soon when she realizes the truth on her own!!

  • murphy24p November 12, 2008  

    Today, I’m happy… but sadly, it seems that I tend to run dangerously close to turning rude at any moment.

    3 yr olds rule!

  • tam November 12, 2008  

    i love watching kids that age not having any fear. nothing intimidates them. when i see that, i often pray they wont lose that!

    and, im happy today.

  • holly November 13, 2008  

    As you know, my 3 year old (and kind of yours) teaches me LOTS of things everyday. Mostly, I enjoy the unconditional love that she still has for me – she told me today that she “loves me a zillion and infinity, but God loves me more.” Ahh…… πŸ™‚

    And, yes, I’m happy, but have noticed that rude often does replace my “sad” when I’m not happy. Very perceptive 3 year old.

    Have a happy day – we miss you!

  • Brittany November 14, 2008  

    The best lesson I have heard recently was a conversation between my grandmother and my God-daughter (my friend’s 6 year old)

    Grandma: “Wow Addison, is today Monday already?”
    Addison: “yup”

    Grandma: “Where did Sunday go?”
    Addison: “Um, Grandma it’s where it always is, before Monday!! Do you need me to write down the days of the week for you, so you don’t forget?”

    She is in first grade and takes everything literally! and obviously just learned how to write her days of the week to help HER remember! πŸ™‚