I Hate the "Shoulds"

I have a case of the “shoulds” tonight…

I should wash the pots and pans from dinner.

I should put the clean sheets on the guest bed.

I should start the Christmas decorating.

I should file a compliant with Ebay for the curtains that I purchased but never received.

I should catch up on some reading.

I can’t be still for all of the “shoulds” that I feel and yet I don’t want to do any of them!

Ever feel like this?

PS – By the way, isn’t “should” the weirdest looking word especially when you use it that many times?

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  • Anita November 18, 2008  

    Considering I had a friend jump on me for ‘living in the shoulds’ or something crazy like that, I would say yes. Wait. It wasn’t a friend, it was a physical therapist and she was telling me not to say ‘I have to’ all the time.

    Anyway, I should really spend some time with this whole ‘should’ thing and purge those negative feelings. I don’t know if I will, though. The house is quiet and my TiVo waits for me. 😉

  • tabitha November 19, 2008  

    I feel like that quite often. Sometimes I do what I should and other times I curl up with a book or do nothing. I try to find the balance between the shoulds.

  • Jenni Catron November 19, 2008  

    @tabitha – great point! “balance between the shoulds”

  • Heidi November 19, 2008  

    When a “should” fest abrupts in my life. I am learning to stop and pause and question why I am questioning. It’s ususally means I am doubting that I am “should” be doing enough.

    There are times where “shoulds” can remain on a list for awhile… so my brain and soul can relax a bit.

    (not that I am very patient at it… but I am learning)

  • Linnae Hoppe November 19, 2008  

    My whole day is a bunch of “shoulds” (yes, that is a super weird word to look at). My problem is that I create a bunch of “shoulds” at the beginning of my day and sometimes stress when they don’t all get done. This is great for me to think about today. Thanks!

  • Carrie G. November 19, 2008  

    Each of you women are RIGHT ON in the should catagory. Isn’t it funny that men don’t live their lives in the shoulds. I think it’s definitely a woman’s “disease”. Shoulds = undue stress; Shoulds = overloaded “to-do” lists, Shoulds = depleted joy in life; Shoulds (yes, that wierd word) = self-driven vs. God-driven. (but shoulds do need balance or nothing would get done)

    There, my 2 cents worth.
    Awesome post, Jenni!

  • mikewalzman November 19, 2008  

    ur hilarious…Yes, i have felt that way, many times. What helps me when I’m procrastinating, is I’ll call a friend and tell them, im gonna finish this task by this time and Ill call you after and if I don’t call you, CALL MEE!. This now keeps me more accountable.


  • Jenni Catron November 19, 2008  

    @Heidi – you are right, sometimes it’s ok to not get to the “shoulds”, they will never all be done and you have to force yourself to disconnect. (Yes, I’m preaching at myself)

    @Linnae – I think we are too much alike 🙂

    @Carrie – I love your “shoulds =” and you are so right, my husband never seem bothered by the “shoulds”… very frustrating!